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One Thread to Bind All The Bacon Threads, and One Thread to Pwn Them (was 4:45 seconds of Bacon)
I know this is random, but those in guild chat friday evening should appreciate it, enjoy

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<span class="minor">Edited by an officer (Darias) on Jul 24 2009 at 4:15:49pm</span>.
<3 Bacon, and Jim Gaffigan.

Beau, Anyone, and I have tickets to see him next month here in Kansas City. Cant wait!
OMG, he was SOOOO close to bacon wrapped hot dogs! We even wrap things in bacon... I totally thought he was going there.
Even though I was online last night for the bacon talk in gchat, for some reason I still thought this was going to be a Kevin Bacon game. Kind of like the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon game. : )
In this my friends is what happens with The Donna takes the kids away for a trip and leaves The Don at home alone on a Saturday morning.

All I gotta do is feed our frog, take out the trash, and water some plants this week. The rest of the free time produces stuff like thisr

<img src=httpBig>
Even more randomr

<img src=httpBig>
What <i>is</i> that, D? An early 20-th century time-travel machine sitting on a plate of bacon? lol
ZOMG! Major loss of any geek points youve accumulated Neinna. <a href=httpBig>Classic flicks movies rawk!</a>

Ok, so Ive never seen the movie. Can I have some of my geek points back for recognizing that its a time machine anyway? lol
This thread is full of win....
I have a heckofa time posting pics, but check out the manly specimen in this pic: httpBig
<i>This thread is full of win....</i>

I think you mean bacon...
dang - im gonna cook up some bacon RIGHT NOW!

(Must remember to wear pants...thats real good advice...Ida never thought of it...until it was too late...)

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