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Welcome to the Office of the Revels!
I am now proud to introduce to you a new title in the guild: <a href=httpBig>The Master of the Revels</a>.

<div style=margin-left: 5em, margin-right: 5em,><i>The Master of the Revels was a position within the British royal household heading the Revels Office or Office of the Revels that originally had responsibilities for overseeing royal festivities, known as revels...</i></div>

<a href=httpBig>At one point I was looking for a way to find someone to help me run guild nights</a>. Ive been at them a long, long time, and I thought it would be fun to give the community an opportunity to step forward and lead it themselves.

If it came down to it that no one wanted to lead, but others wanted to help, I figured wed at least have a committee to assist me. Call it a fun committee perhaps. I found the above article after finding out that fun committee was in use in the corporate world as bizspeak in motivational approaches. Finding the above article, The Office of Revels sounded much better to me. <i>/shudder...bizspeak</i>

After a quick call out to the guild, a few people were willing to be in the committee and then someone stepped forward to lead. I am now proud to introduce to you the team of people who will be leading this very new conceptr

<h4>Master of Revels</h4><ul><li><a href=httpBig>Erudi</a></ul><h4>Yeomen of the Revels</h4><ul><li><a href=httpBig>Nycthora</a>
<li><a href=httpBig>Remorseless</a>
<li><a href=httpBig>Bensons</a>
<li><a href=httpBig>Canziz</a>
<li><a href=httpBig>Alexiya</a>
<li><a href=httpBig>Steinbrecher</a></ul>

<h3>So whats the forum all about?</h3>
Well, when we plan events we post about them in a few different waysr
<ul><li>In the general forum...where it might get lost in the sea of other threads.
<li>As an event, way ahead of time...and the thread is just crazy and insanely massive by the time the event takes place.
<li>In the events forum as a regular post...and hardly anyone notices it.</ul>
The idea here is that Sleeper Cartel is about the community, the events we put on for ourselves, and also the events we put on for others. Many guildies have great ideas to do things, and we should highlight the planning that goes into those ideas.

The forum is for the entire community, so dont think that just because youre not a part of the Office of the Revels that youre not welcome to post here. If you have an idea for a new guild night idea, post it! Is there a holiday in-game or in the real world (like our Running of the Bulls tradition) you want to do something special in-game on? Post it here

Going forward, planning for server parties will also take place here, as well. The primary function though of the forum is for the names above to have a place to discuss the plans for guild nights and any other nights we have functions for the guild.

So, lets here those ideas people...fresh, crazy ideas are always welcome. Smile
Congrats, Rudi and crew

I look forward to the many, many new and exciting ways the Office of Revels will concieve of for us kill ourselves on Guild Night.

It is a heavy responsibility. I hope Im up to it.

Daddee, why are you expecting death? Just because the suicide king is director...
Love the pic out on the forum link.

Grats folks, thanks for your help!
HUGE thank yous to you all for taking this on. Looking forward to many fun Guild Nights!!
Congratulations Erudi!
Thanks for stepping up, guys Smile
Grats guys, I just hope you can live up to how fun we all know guild night are =D=D
Many thanks to the main Suicide Mage for stepping up to the plate to lead this.

And *woohooo* at the other Yeomen (does anybody else have trouble pronouncing this? o_o)! Im really excited about getting involved in event planning with you guys- and with everyone else- I bet there are tons of creative ideas out there.

And, of course, thank you to Darias and management for jump-starting this fantabulous idea-- and thank you to our new webmonkey for creating the new forum

Whew, I think thats all. ,P
Heh, thanks. I promise we wont die too much...most of the time Smile

Ok, what you need to do tonight is do a back flip off a Devilsaurs tail into a moonwell. Make it happen.
Grats Erudi and crew. Looking forward to many fun, possibly scary guild nights. lol
<-----starts looking for new rezzer
Congrats Revel Crew!

I am looking forward to attending the guild nights you come up with.

Thanks all! Hope to help develop some cool ideas for GN.

And Alex...its pronounced. YOH-muhn. Big Grin

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