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You Can Has Beta Keys...eventually.
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OK, so heres the story. They changed how theyre distributing keys this year. Last year, we all just got an email from Blizzard and that was that. Now, theyre generated slowly and on the small batches.

To be honest with you, I had keys on Friday night...but only 30 of them. As ti was, I had to whine like a little baby (OK, it was more like throw a bit of a tantrum) when we only got 15. In the end, Eyonix gave me the second batch of 15, but with a list of nearly 100, the party the following day, there was NO way I could determine who would get which keys.

Now, today I got another 30 keys. Thats a total of 60, with a promise of more soon to be doled out, but Im not sure when they will be. That puts some of you outside of Northrend with no passage aboard ship.

So, what Im asking you all to do is evaluate how much youre going to play in beta. Be honest with yourself because how you answer the following question may mean someone whos gonna play the hell out of beta might not get as early a chance to get in there and get into it all.

<b>Which describes your interest in the beta key best?</b>
<ul><li><b>A</b> - I plan to play beta content extensively until release, provide significant feedback on the WoW forums / SC Scrawl, etc. I expect to level a toon to 80 and see as much of the top instance/raid content as possible. Quite possibly, my playtime on the beta content exceeds my playtime on my normal toons.
<li><b>B</b> - I can see myself leveling a toon to 80. I plan to split time between beta content and normal content.
<li><b>C</b> - I plan to poke around the beta content a bit but have no real plans to level a toon very far. Ill still be playing my normal toons most of the time. </ul>

The first thing I will do is sort by the above. After that, it will go by your seniority in the guild. In all honesty, thats the fairest way I can do it. Ive already marked myself as a B because I know while I want to get in there to get the guild started and check out the GL features, there are those of you will actually <b>play</b> over there. Id rather you have the opportunity first. One of the officers can lead the guild there until I get my key.

Once I get the first batch of 30 people who have replied to this thread, I will begin mailing keys out. The faster that everyone interested in the beta responds, the faster I will be able to start mailing out keys.

You may Smile
A - nom nom

A- FTW Gona level a DK after i get Dart to 80 Smile
B - yeah, def B list...
B with plenty of feed back
<b>B </b>I cannot tell a lie
C me. Ill probably be an A once I get a key, but I have other things that will keep me busy till then.
plenty of feedback here and on the official sites, but definitely a B
B. Possibly closer to A if I can find a group of people to raid with.
ill pass my key on down the line for someone else to use. im still too busy leveling all my alts to bother with the beta! good luck all!!!
Id have to say B. I plan on playing my shammy and death knight as much as I can, but no way Ill be doing the raids at 80.

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