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Post your Gratitude
I just wanted to have a place to say \"Thanks\" for little things fellow Sleepers or non-sleepers do.

A HUGE huzzah to a most honorable gnome, Cicif, for coming to the moonwell in Zangermarsh to make my last needed piece of Primal Mooncloth for my Primal Mooncloth set. I really appreciated him taking the time to come and do that for me. Thank you!

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I want to say thanks to Darias for letting me hide out here, to everyone in SC who *wave*s back at me, and to all the people who laugh at my lame jokes. It\'s the best downtime place a raid guild leader could ask for.
Thanks to everyone for putting up with me and my goofiness , terrible spelling and spacing out.

<3 y\'all
Big thanks to <b>Snowmiser </b>for sending me furious crawdads so I could level my cooking, and just generally being a nice and helpful person in many ways.

Big thanks also to <b>Upiki </b>for loaning me the money to buy my level 60 elekk right when I earned the rep, instead of having to wait. (And for a whole host of other helpful acts.)

Great thanks to <b>Braybeilen </b>for escorting me to Allerian Stronghold-- again with the cooking objectives!

Many thanks to <b>Callistana </b>for helping me plan my wedding and giving me just the right crown to wear in it.

Eternal thanks to <b>Daddee </b>for keeping the big bad mobs off me wherever we go.

Big thanks to <b>Generica (Foxtrot)</b> for making me pretty, sparkly gems and to <b>Instigator (Veranne)</b> for DEing all of the crap that I send to her!

Thanks to <b>SC Management</b> for allowing me to be a part of the SC Mentor Program cuz I really like it!

Thanks to <b>RemmyReggyCakes</b> for entertaining me and laughing at my creepy <item>Voidheart Crown</item>!

Thanks to <b>WoC</b> for rocking!

And thanks to <b>SCers</b> worldwide!

I\'d also like to thank my producer, my manager, and my fans becasue I couldn\'t have done it without you....I\'d also like to thank....

I\'d like to thank <b>Marwyn</b> for being my evil twin, <b>Karin</b> for teaching me about what it means to be a great leader, and <b>New Belgium Beer</b> for making some fine brew.
I thank <b>Erudi</b> for being teh coolest suicide mage ever,

I thank <b>Danorus</b> for always being on TS with me to keep me company,

I thank <b>Mikey</b> for twinking with me,

I thank <b>Brendo</b> for sending me his marks and Fel Armaments,

I thank <b>Wintersfury</b> for influencing Av to get WoW and telling us about the sleepers,

I thank <b>Avallach</b> for paying for my account, being the coolest dad ever, and reforming /Jump (which I\'m now in),

I thank <b>Yeshe</b> for putting up with my idiocy on runs,

I thank <b>Calli</b> for being the bestest guild mother ever *hugs*,

I thank <b>Karin</b> for finding Sleeper Cartel,

and finally, I thank <b>Cas</b> for forming 5150.

I think I\'m done...

For me to thank everyone individually would take far too long, and I\'d get carpal tunnel by the time I was done, so I\'m just going to thank the guild as a whole (past company included) for just being very cool and helping whenever I\'ve needed it.

However, there is one specific person I would like to thank, and that would be Karin. If he had not founded SC and instilled in the officers the laid back family atmosphere that SC is today, and accepted me as a member, I would very likely not be playing WoW to this day (not that my wife would say that\'s a bad thing....).

Thank you, Nitsa, for coming to Netherstorm to make me Spellcloth!!! The last two pieces I need.
I must thank <b>Upiki</b> for the quick and generous gift of <item>Heavy Knothide Leather</item> that let me complete my <item>Surestrike Goggles v2.0</item> last night. Also, the SC group that got Cheesegrits through Heroic Sethekk Halls to produce the requisite <item>Primal Nether</item>, in spite of my suicide pull. Just amazing, guys.
I would also like to say thanks to that Sethekk Halls group. I finally was able to finish the Druid quest in there. I could not have done it without all your help. Big Grin
I just wanna thank Ish and the rest of the crew that went to Sucketh halls and took Reggy knowing he wasn\'t high enough to go and mowed everything down in there and got all the quests done Big Grin
Hey Zak, not that taking credit for others work isn\'t evil AND i\'m all about teh Evil....but it wasn\'t me who gave you the leather - maybe I gave you the shards....=)

So sorry for giving you undue thanks, Upiki. Smile I gotta start taking notes, I guess.

It was definitely an SC member, and really, this thread is about my gratitude to the entire guild for being so friendly and supportive. I play my young alts and also my Horde toons with no real guild support. It always makes the game seem rather thin. When I get an alt guilded, it\'s like turning on the sunshine.
Thanks to <b>Snowmiser</b>, who (in the guise of his horde druid) helped me get a birthday present for my leveling buddy, and (in the guise of his mage) is helping me with my Secret Santa project. And to <b>Calli</b> who met me in Auberdine for a similar reason.

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