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Sleeperman, where are you running? (OUT OF DATE)
Maybe this is too much to ask, but would people mind posting the SGA or other non-guild raid teams that they are signed up for? (Darias, is that cool with you?) I feel like there is a secret cache of raid rosters out there that I can\'t find, and that I\'ve been bugging people to do stuff when they\'re already committed elsewhere.

If there are multiple guild members on a team, then one post would suffice for all of them.
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Here\'s a list of where our various Sleepers are raiding. I\'ll do my best to keep this relatively current.

The information is compiled from the posted raid rosters on those runs. If I\'ve made any mistakes or oversights please speak up.

<b>If you are looking for a raid group</b>, please check out the links below as well as the <a href=\"\">SGA forums</a> in general for all the other current runs.

Many of these groups currently have or will soon have \'closed\' rosters but <i>don\'t let that discourage you</i>. Find which runs fit your schedule and get in touch with the raid leaders, whose names are listed below <b>in bold</b>. You never know if there\'s a recent opening or the opportunity to run as an alternate to get your foot in the door.

If you\'re still in doubt or just overwhelmed by it all, don\'t hesitate to be in touch with one of the Sleepers listed below who\'s actively raiding. They will likely be able to help you sort it all out. And if you can\'t decide which person to ask, then ask me! I\'d be glad to get you pointed in the right direction.

<b>25 Man Raids</b>
<a href=\"\">Sleeper Cartel\'s Team Wick\'d</a>
Lots of Sleepers here. See the <a href=\"\">roster post</a> for current details.
<i><b>Eradorn/Tsuke</b> is the raid leader. Come say hello on the forums!</i>

<a href=\"\">SGA Team FMS:TNG</a>
Wintersfury, Pojocatdog, Seiche

<a href=\"\">SGA Team WKRP</a>
Ericahalfbee, Eradorn, Militine, Dinden, Daerwen, Bigironmike, Jubell, Yabadaba, Tarasil, Kersplatt, Beaudry, Horeb, Diziga, Cerseimori, Upiki

<a href=\"\">SGA Team Justice League Unlimited</a>

<b>10 Man Raids</b>
<a href=\"\">Jump</a>
<b>Avallach</b>, Littlebaby, Yeshe, Wintersfury, Rhodan, Paladir
<i>Closed Roster. Fill-in spots are posted on our Events forums from time to time.</i>

<a href=\"\">Casualties</a>
<i><b>Viktoria</b> is the raid leader.</i>

<a href=\"\">Team Gypsies</a>
<b>Benameji</b>, Tibbs, Aingeal, Locheart, Sihayamori, Gesader, Os, Louki, Zakones, Stephenn, Canton, Charlimangy
<i>All Sleeper run managed here in the SC Raid forums.</i>

<a href=\"\">Motley Kara Krew</a>
<b>Ishtaria</b>, Beaudry, Zephan, Brendo, Dinden, Dragoneye, Friiar, Benson, Upiki, Suncrawler, Horeb, Willobark, Daddee
<i>Come visit the forums!</i>

<a href=\"\">Team Kara-Lot</a>
<b>Katruned</b>, Nuri, Biznesox, Lucillebluth, Phosphor, Meggins, Maeleficent (Bensons\' Alt), Argert, Braybeilen (Hallex\'s Alt), Naturboi, Callistana
<i>Sunday nights 7:30 - 9:30pm. Come visit the forums!</i>

<a href=\"\">Team Odd-Sox</a>
<b>Daerwen</b>, Yabadaba, Daizycutter, Kersplatt, Jubell, Uritas, Tarisil, Kimen
<i>Tuesday nights 7:30 - 11:30pm. Come visit the forums!</i>

<a href=\"\">Team Fun Run</a>
<b>Charyse </b>, Horeb, Hurah, Typa, Zephan, Friiar, Cirianna, Dragoneye, Paulatredies, Ccats
<i>Wednesday nights from 7pm - 11pm. Come visit the forums!</i>

<a href=\"\">SGA Team FMWS</a>

<i>Last Edited: 10/20/08</i>
As long as it doesn\'t turn into constant recruitment posts, and as long as you take discussions elsewhere (being that non-sleepers wouldn\'t be able to get in on the discussions), feel free to post your rosters and any openings.
Other <a href=\"\">Super Pug</a>
Lora and others are in another super pug as well.

Yea, someone had posted it earlier Lora, not sure where that post went. You can link if you like.
another Superpug.

<a href=\"http://\"></a>
I\'ve updated the list above to reflect the current Super PUGS which are taking shape.

I also know there\'s a third Sleeper-centric Super PUG as indicated but I\'m not clear on the details. If anyone could fill me in then i\'d be happy to clean up the post with the proper information.

Also, if any of the runs have current openings and want that info posted here (like I did with the WoC run) please let me know and I\'ll add a note for folks to see :-)
For your information, I am now in the permanent roster of Team Fubar on the SGA (Serpentshrine caverns and Tempest Keep).

Also, while my superpug group is having a closed roster and it\'s almost full, i will always accept alts because most often than not at least 1 player or more will sign out for the week. I had 4 players missing for our run yesterday (!) but we managed to PuG it with some good results, i posted on the guild chat a few times but i stopped after a while because i didn\'t want to bother people about it anymore and i received no answers anyway. Some players might agree on their own to rotation their position and i\'m open to that. Someone leaving is not impossible either. So don\'t be shy and send me a message if you are interested!
Seiche, thanks for gathering the info. I think that days/times should be included.

Gavyn\'s super pug runs Wednesdays/Mondays starts @ 6:00 pm server

WoC (not running just yet) will run Tues/Thurs @ 7:00 pm server

Good idea Halard, I\'ve added the times for the 2 Super Pugs but not all the SGA runs. I\'ll add those if folks want them here.
Oh, and my team is named \"Paradox\" by the way.
<i>Oh, and my team is named \"Paradox\" by the way.</i>

I find this inapropriate, immature, ill-concieved and poorly timed.

Gavyn, I will take that as coincidence. To be otherwise I would agree with Halard. VERY ill-timed.
Whoa Whoa Whoa

I seriously doubt that Gavyn has any idea what the reference is.

History: in Nov 2005, a group of SC members who were interested in much more progressive raiding left Sleeper and formed a guild called Paradox. This raiding guild later moved to another server. The entire situation caused a lot of anger/frustration.


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