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Small Guild Alliance
The Sleeper Cartel is a member of the <a href=\"\"><b>Small Guild Alliance</b></a> (SGA), which is a group of 35 guilds who have banded together in order to be able to do high-level, end-game raid content. Dungeons like Molten Core, Zul\'Gurub and Blackwing Lair are raided many times each week! They also form the basis of a responsible set of guilds that you can now use to find groups at any time with (see the <a href=\"index.php?Topic=471\">SGA: Chat channels</a> thread).

All Sleeper Cartel members are now allowed to join in on these raids, and I encourage anyone with even a slight interest in raiding to visit their site to see what they do, the wealth of strategies and tips they have, and when events run.

<b>To gain access to their information and raids, you\'ll need to first register on their forums and then post here so I can let them know to give you full access.
Currently there are three weekly Molten Core runs, two weekly Zul\'Gurub runs and much more!

Make sure you read the other stickied SGA posts here, as they contain important information about their rules and regulations.

The SGA is a <i>supplement</i> to our own raiding. They will always be there doing their thang, but we\'ll also be doing our own raids with a more relaxed feel to them, once we have enough people in-guild to support these raids. If you have any questions about the SGA or our involvement with them, please post here!

EDIT - locked and unstickied as out of date and for long load times
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Hi, Karin, I registered with SGA, but my access has not happened yet. Can you help me get the access information? Thanks.
Hey Juliea, I posted a message letting them know to add you. It\'s a manual process, I have to let them know for each guildie wanting access. I expect they\'ll have your access granted within a few hours. Smile

EDIT: You should now have access.
Dys now has access too to the SGA forums (he asked me in-game).
i just registered for the sga forums, could you put in a good word for me.

You should have full access to the SGA forums now Koeeoaddi Smile
Hey K,
I just registered, please give them the super secret Sleeper Cartel handshake so I can log in.

I put in a request for you on the same day you asked Conflag, but it might\'ve been overlooked. Let me know if you have access. In the meantime I\'ll try to track down an admin in-game. Smile
Thanks Karin, I\'m in, appreciate your quick response.

Alliances are awesome (like the alliteration?). Any how, gratz on making a sucessful alliance, I know that usually if more then 2 guilds make an alliance it falls apart. How ever you guys are doing good.

well I just registered with SGA. Well I created a username and password anyway. Just waiting to recieve access. Karin, if you would not mind using your mighty wisdom and skill to help further my request for access, I would be forever in your debt.


Perenolde\'s Mightest Hunter (and probably on other servers too)

Note to self, Eradorn (Tsuke) also wants SGA access.

I applied and got some access (username and psswd showing I am logged in), however, I cannot read some of the forums. Can you assist me in getting further/full access?

Jettarus, Eradorn and Argert now should all have full access to the SGA forums! Smile
I\'m not a high enough level to do end raids yet, but I registered on the SGA boards. Can you let them know to give me access? Thanks, Karin.

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