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SC Guides: How the 50/50 draws work
The 50/50 draw is a fundraiser that works just like a lottery except the guild gets half of the jackpot and the winning guild member gets the other half. So for example, if we sold 50g worth of tickets, the winner would get 25g and the guild would get 25g .

Entries are 20s each, and you can buy as many tickets as you like. The more you buy, the better your chances of winning and the more you\'re helping out the guild.

Once I\'ve collected all the entries, I will assign everyone a different set of numbers. The more entries you have, the more numbers you get. For example:
<ul><li>Karin bought 5 entries for 1g total. He gets numbers <b>1-5</b>.
<li>Rashnack bought 2 entries for 40s . So he gets numbers <b>6-7</b>.
<li>Sonia bought 10 entries for 2g . She gets numbers <b>8-17</b>.
<li>Faramon bought 1 entry for 20s so he gets number <b>18</b>.
</li></ul>That way each person has a their own set of numbers. I will then do an in-game random roll from 1 to the number of tickets sold (in this example , 18) to pick the winner. If my roll lands on one of your numbers, you win!

Some weeks we\'ll do additional prizes as well, and not just cash. If you\'d like you can enter ahead of time, and you don\'t need to attend the draw in order to win.

If you have any questions, please let me know! : )
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Does anyone want to volunteer running this during one of our guild nights?

I like doing them, but if someone wanted to take them on (even one or two) it\'d be a huge help!
If you need some help with this i will gladly help...
This is the secret 50/50 page I\'ve started using. The numbers are only shown for your computer, no one else can see them, so you can play with them all ya like.

<a href=\"index.php?Page=16\">Super secret 50/50 draw page</a>
very handy
/bump for new subject name. Also, we have a number of new people, so I thought they might have missed this. Smile
Sooo that\'s how it\'s done , I get it now. *digs deeper in his pocket*
Stupid question alert:

Does one have to actually attend the meeting to participate in the drawing? I will probably never be able to attend guild night unless they change my work schedule. Sad But I would like to still participate in some way, if possible.
No, you can mail entries to Darias, please leave him instructions such as:
Mail me my winnings
donate my winnings to the guild bank

Oh ok, cool! Thanks Smile

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