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FAQs on the Guild Relations program
As the <a href=\"index.php\">news page</a> details, the Sleeper Cartel has been invited to participate in Blizzard\'s <a href=\"\">Guild Relations program</a>. I\'m sure you all have lots of questions, so I\'ll do my best to answer them here Smile

To start, here are some FAQs I\'d anticipate:

<b>What is the Guild Relations program?</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">This is a program developed by Blizzard to carefully select a handful of exemplary community-minded guilds to use as a future resource. It also serves as some recognition and validation for us, and takes us into a slightly higher profile.</div>
<b>What are the benefits of participating in the Guild Relations program?</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">We\'ll be linked to from the World of Warcraft website, with our name and a description about our guild. This will likely mean large numbers of people will visit us and see what we\'re up to, and possibly many applications to join our guild. As we are no longer <i>actively</i> recruiting, we will only be accepting the best of the best, meaning the friendliest, most helpful and community-minded players.

We may also be allowed the occasional live chat session with Blizzard game designers, although I think (based on bits of info here and there) that we come up with questions as a guild, and then I would be asking them myself, on behalf of all of us.

We\'re also eligible to participate in upcoming and current beta tests! Yes, this includes the Burning Crusade (look for additional FAQs lower down regarding this). This shouldn\'t be seen just as a reward, but also as an opportunity to be good beta testers, to build constructive feedbank and to help Blizzard make sure the Burning Crusade is as bug-free as possible.

They have also planned an Q&A for the <a href=\"\">guild relations forum</a> that our feedback would be sought for.

There are other features and benefits planned as well, but they haven\'t been announced yet.</div>
<b>How many guilds are in the Guild Relations program?</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">There are <b>8</b> guilds in total in the Guild Relations program!</div>
<b>How long have you known about it?</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">I was contacted about a month ago seeing if we were interested. Sometime between then and now our website, policies and public areas were reviewed to see if they would be in-line with what Blizzard was looking for. This week I received final confirmation that we were accepted.</div>
<b>Is it official? Are we really in?</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">Yes, however Blizzard hasn\'t yet posted their related work. When it\'s ready, their <a href=\"\">guild relations page</a> will be where to look. I\'ve been told the program will be officially announced near the end of November.

When it\'s been posted on Blizzard\'s site, we\'ll make some general announcements to the Perenolde server (via the forums) and the SGA forums.</div>
<b>What do we have to do?</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">We must continue being positive and productive members of the World of Warcraft community, to uphold our reputation as a friendly guild. This also means strict adherence to the following Blizzard policies, which from now on are an official addition to our own guidelines:
<ul><li><a href=\"\">In-game policies</a></li><li><a href=\"\">Terms of Use</a></li><li><a href=\"\">End User License Agreement</a></li><li><a href=\"\">Forum Code of Conduct</a></li></ul>This has a few implications, which I\'ll detail in subsequent posts over the next day or two.</div>
<b>Wait, did you say beta??</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">Yes! We\'ve already sent in a list of guild members who should get keys. If you missed our initial call for sign-ups (and everyone is eligible), please contact Karin or an officer immediately.

Once you receive your key via email from Blizzard, your job will be to test the new expansion pack, find bugs, make suggestions, and report back to Blizzard using the tools they give us.

I should mention however, that <i>there may be a limited number of beta keys assigned to us</i>. They could be anywhere from 25 keys to 200 keys, at this point I really don\'t know.</div>
<b>When should we expect our beta test keys?</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">Blizzard is expecting to mail them out to people on the list I sent in during the week of November 20th.</div>
<b>I want to start downloading the beta...</b>
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">You\'re welcome to download the almost two-gigabyte file <a href=\"\">here</a>, but keep in mind that if we do not get enough keys for everyone, there\'s no guarantee that you didn\'t just download 2 gigs for nothing.</div>--

Post any questions or points you want to discuss here Smile

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Karin i have to say congrats to you. im sure you started sleeper cartel as a small guild for fun and now look where youve taken it. i think blizz should send you a free copy of the crusade. i think the keys should go to those players who are online in the game, on the forums, and constantly helping others. i could name names but i dont feel right doing it because it could be any of us. i really wish i had a computer now so i couldve been there for the announcment.
But Congratz
Sry for being the total computer noob, but what is Beta testing? If i understand we test the new expansion by downloading those two gigs (if we\'re given the key to log on). But wouldnt that mean that we dont have to buy the expansion when it comes out?
Beta testing is to test the unfinal version of the game. It is the second phase of testing (Alpha testing being the prime one). You test the game, test many many things and if you find a bug, you report it. Smile
The beta test keys expire at the end of the beta test, so you\'d still need to buy a retail copy of the expansion pack when it comes out. Which means that you\'re buying not really just the software, but the license to use that software, in the form of a retail key, even if you already technically have a copy of it installed.
Oh ok i see now, thanks for clarifying that.

BTW *round of applause* for Karin and everyone who set the example to make this guild so outstanding.
Grats Karin for gettin in the guild relation ship program. Now how does one go about and get the key. Is it sent in-game mail or email or what?
Also i have read all the rules for the first time. Pround of my self
Congrats from the desert! Wish I could be back home so I could log in and play with y\'all.

wow karin Smile congrats sir helping form this great guild back in the day i knew it would only be a matter of time Smile


Cicif! Good to hear from you, we\'ll keep the Crusades Burning \'til you get back...
This is quite an amazing achievement Karin. Awesome job. I\'m still pushing that we change our guild name to \"The Underpants Gnomes\" but Sleeper Cartel has obviously done us well.

edit; wow I just saw this part about a beta test.

Can you say \"blonde bombshell race across a new continent\"? because I can....and just did
I\'m soooo excited about this. I\'ve told 2 of the 3 people that play WoW here at work already Smile I think its cool that we where picked to represent like this

Karin the link to the relations page is broken, it currently goes to:

I went ahead and downloaded the Beta files, only took about 4 hours. The install takes another 30 minutes or so.
That link isn\'t working for me.. it says page can\'t be displayed -_-
Heh, thanks for spotting that. It should now be fixed. The link to the official guild relations page is <a href=\"\">here</a>.
For the record, I haven\'t yet heard anything from Blizzard regarding beta test keys.

As I find out more I\'ll let everyone know here Smile

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