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The REAL Sleeper Cartel!
Hi Sleepers!

I have been thinking about all the time we spend together in the virtual world. And since I am considering many of you friends, I wanted to get to know the real people behind the toons. I have started this thread, please feel free to add. I can\'t wait to get to know you all better!


<b>Veranne, Instigator, Dusybottom, TheeBrian</b>
<b>A.K.A.:</b> Lori
<b>Age:</b> 28
<b>Located:</b> Broomfield, CO
<b>Profession:</b> Marketing
<b>How did you start playing WOW:</b> Foxtrot FORCED me to play, all the while I was kicking and screaming. Really, he just wanted more play time for himself. And then, (as if that weren\'t bad enough!) he applied on my behalf to SC. Sigh, instant friends and camaraderie. What\'s a girl to do?
<b>RL Friends:</b> Foxtrot, Roxyrose
<b>Pets:</b> Howser (boxer/lab), Carson (Boston terrier), Chompers (stuffed alligator)
<b>When I am not playing WOW... </b> I am glued to the television watching football.
<b>Favorite beverage:</b> Beer is good. I like beer. Bring me a Honey Brown, Fat Tire, Sam Light, or Corona and we are friends for life.
<b>Resemblance to a famous person:</b> Nicole Kidman, sorta, I guess. Instigator is my self portrait. Wink
<b>Passion in life:</b> I LOVE to travel. I get a thrill experiencing new things.
<b>Favorite Nintendo game: </b> HAS to be Mario Kart! <33333333 that game. Yoshi is the best!
<b>Geeking out:</b> I am an Anime fan. My favorite is Ranma 1/2. He/she antics can\'t be wrong.
<b>Non Geeky trait:</b> Did I mention football and beer? Oh, and I am a gourmet cook in disguise.
<b>Oddest characteristic:</b> My favorite animals are alligators, followed by their cousins the crocodiles. Also, I dislike bread. I know, I know. How can some hate bread? Sad, but true. But... Fox doesn\'t like water!!!!!
<b>Addiction before WOW:</b> Civilization
<b>Quote:</b> \"No one expects the Spanish inquisition.\"

<img src=\"\">
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<b>Locking as this thing got <i>huge</i>. <a href=\"\">See new thread.</a></b>
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Is this what were doing while we wait to play?! YAY! oh and yes Veranne Yoshi will always be the best in Super Mario Kart =D (although that was for SNES =P)

<b>Dystruxshon, Jerdras, Lorus, Gustaf, etc. etc.</b>
<b>A.K.A.:</b> Lee
<b>Age:</b> 19
<b>Located:</b> Tampa, FL
<b>Profession:</b> CSR
<b>How did you start playing WOW:</b> I saw my brother playing it and was like WTF get off the computer then he let me play a little and i was HOOKED!
<b>RL Friends:</b> None, but all of you are my WoW friends =D
<b>Pets:</b> I have none, although i did have ALOT of the virtual ones back when they were the \"thing\"
<b>When I am not playing WOW:</b> Ummmmm...sleep? Wait, i stop playing?!?!
<b>Favorite beverage:</b> MOUNTAIN DEW 4 LYFE!!! lolz
<b>Resemblance to a famous person:</b> I guess i just look like me? Unless you guys think different...
<b>Passion in life:</b> Something with computers, just don\'t know what yet.
<b>Favorite Nintendo game:</b> Now i never had a nintendo but as for SNES well...I pretty much liked ALL side scroller 2P fighting ones (Mystical Ninja, TMNT, Double Dragon, Battletoads), all the FF but 6 was my fav and pretty much all SNES RPGs and Super Mario RPG <3333333333333
<b>Geeking out:</b> I\'m a dork on all kinds of levels and i like walks on the beach and to talk about books and music, CALL ME!! lawl
<b>Non Geeky trait:</b> Hmmmm...i don\'t think i can say much here lol
<b>Oddest characteristic:</b> I have never stopped being good at video games lol. I have beaten every single game that i have played that could be beaten.
<b>Addiction before WOW:</b> Pwning nubs in Halo 2
<b>Quote:</b> I\'ll think of one later =P

<center>Feel free to be my friend on <a href=\"\">Myspace</a> =D</center>
<center><img src=\"\"></img></center>
<b>Roxyrose, Roxylock, Roxyheals, Roxyjayde</b>
<b>A.K.A.:</b> Julie
<b>Age:</b> 27
<b>Located:</b> Lakewood, CO (basically Denver)
<b>Profession:</b> Legal (Government Contracts)
<b>How did you start playing WoW?:</b> Foxtrot and Veranne
<b>RL Friends:</b> Foxtrot and Veranne
<b>Pets:</b> Robbie Jack Focus (my yellow Focus hatchback)
<b>When I am not playing WoW:</b> I am working or at the gym or hanging out with friends.
<b>Favorite beverage:</b> Mmmmm....Margaritas.....
<b>Resemblance to a famous person:</b> Ummm... I dunno. You tell me?
<b>Passion in life:</b> Learning - not just from books, but from experience and the people (like you guys) that I encounter
<b>Favorite Nintendo game:</b> The original Mario Bros. for sure
<b>Geeking out:</b> I am still in denial that I am a geek at all, dang it!
<b>Non-Geeky trait:</b> I have a master\'s degree in Forensic Psychology which usually raises an eyebrow or two... I dunno.... is that geeky??? lol
<b>Oddest characteristic:</b> Ummm... I play WoW? That\'s odd enough for me becuase I am the last person anyone would ever think is into a computer game
<b>Addiction before WoW:</b> NetFlix - seriously, I could watch a whole season of 24 in like two days - ok, ok, I did that last week. . . sheesh. . .
<b>Quote:</b> \"She is vulnerable for the same reason she is strong: anything she puts her love in, she will trust. She will wait you out, she will put up with you forever, if she loves you.\" - John Irving
I\'ve liked that quote for a long time....

Another one.... \"Yeah. I like cake...\"

And I once said to someone out of frustration....\"Strive for the extraordinary, and not for mediocrity like everyone else!\" And then I came to visit him at his office a couple days later and the quote was hanging on his wall. I think that was the biggest compliment anyone has ever given me.

<div style=\"text-align: center;\"><img src=\"\"></div>

<b>Callistana, Callibrynne, Traxxsie, Sleeperbank, SCPotions</b>
<b>A.K.A.:</b> Linley
<b>Age:</b> 30
<b>Located:</b> Chapmanville, WV
<b>Profession:</b> Stay-at-home mother, writer, sometime office peon
<b>How did you start playing WOW:</b> Friends of ours were already playing WoW on the Horde side, and bought Dimi and I a copy of the game for Christmas. We were reluctant to play since we had just made a big investment in Everquest II, but they convinced us. We cancelled our EQII subscription(s) and signed on with WoW. The rest is well-documented history.
<b>RL Friends:</b> Dimi, Darias and Shikaro
<b>Pets:</b> Braun (Chocolate Lab), Clint (Walker Hound), Cat (uhmm...the cat...)
<b>When I am not playing WOW...</b> I like watching television, reading, writing, and playing with the tyke.
<b>Favorite beverage:</b> I am a hopeless Cherry Coca-Cola addict. But on the less tame side, I like a good whiskey sour or Tom Collins, when the mood strikes me.
<b>Resemblance to a famous person:</b> My mother, in one of her more caring moments, told me once I looked like Willie Nelson when my hair is slicked back in a ponytial. Yeah, that\'s what I thought, too.
<b>Passion in life:</b> Aside from my boy and husband, the only thing I am truly passionate about is my writing. I can live for hours inside my own head developing plots, characters and settings
<b>Favorite Nintendo game:</b> Yes, I am a loser. I\'ve never owned a Nintendo.
<b>Geeking out:</b> I am one of the few remaining comic book fangirls in the world. Were I able to afford it, I would still buy 8 - 10 comic books a week.
<b>Non Geeky trait:</b> I like to cook. A lot. Especially southern home-style cooking. And I have five tattoos - an angel, infinity, some tribal work, a Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator and \"The pen is mightier than the sword\" in Tolkien elven.
<b>Oddest characteristic:</b> I say random things sometimes for no reason. I don\'t like chocolate unless it\'s a candy bar.
<b>Addiction before WOW:</b> Everquest II, The Sims
<b>Quote:</b> \"It\'s easier not to be great.\"

<a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket\"></a>
<b>Gnoname, NeName, Brunsta...</b>
<b>A.K.A.:</b> Ari
<b>Age:</b> 29
<b>Located:</b> Aurora, CO
<b>Profession:</b> Tech support
<b>How did you start playing WOW:</b> Almost everyone I work with played, and talked me into it.
<b>RL Friends:</b> Vint,
<b>Pets:</b> Footie and Annika (Boxers FTW!!!!@!@!)
<b>When I am not playing WOW... </b>I am Watching the NFL, NHL, or NCAA Hoops. Then there is also all the time I spend with my Son
<b>Favorite beverage:</b> Beer and Mtn Dew
<b>Resemblance to a famous person:</b> None, \'cause Vint isn\'t Famous
<b>Passion in life:</b> My Son and anything he is doing.
<b>Favorite Nintendo game:</b> Zelda FTW
<b>Non Geeky trait:</b> Sports Junkie
<b>Oddest characteristic:</b> I\'ll get back to you on this one....
<b>Addiction before WOW:</b> Slee
<b>Quote:</b> \"Military Intelligence, Two words combined that can\'t make sense...\"
2g to the first person to tell me where that is from Smile
Gnoname: Didn\'t Bruce Willis say that in Armageddon???

Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread - movie quotes always bug me. For example, <a href=\"\"> see my Monty Python and the Holy Graile/Princess Bride quote mix-up</a>

rofl <33 Roxy
A.K.A.: Marc
Age: 19
Located: Philadelphia, PA
Profession: Student
How did you start playing WOW: I used to play an online game, Imperial Conflict. A bunch of people from that game began playing and convinced me to pick up a copy. Unfortunately, we don\'t play on the same server, or the same faction, but I can still hit them up for hints on the latest raid bosses.Wink
RL Friends: Elendae, STG, Sunaria
When I am not playing WOW... Hanging out with friends (wow, how can you get more generic than that?) or playing Warcraft III
Favorite beverage: Soda (Mountain Dew)
Resemblance to a famous person: I\'m drawing a blank here...
Passion in life: Okay, these questions are getting difficult...
Favorite Nintendo game: Final Fantasy 6
Geeking out: I am a huge video game nerd, I have a completely *massive* collection of PC and console games, and have gotten considerably good at a number of them.
Non Geeky trait: We have non geeks in this guild? Can I hang out with you?:p Okay, kidding aside, I enjoy playing most half sports (favorites are frisbee, golf, and fencing.)
Oddest characteristic: I talk to myself a lot in front of other people. You\'ll probably hear me complete at least one arguement with myself over teamspeak.
Addiction before WOW: Everquest (or Evercrack, if you prefer)
Quote: \"Rajaxx, remember when I said I\'d kill you last? I lied.\" Anyone who recognizes that quote wins the internet.

I am not a very good picture person. Sad Well, here goes nothing... I\'ll try to get a better picture of myself up here at some point. Wink

<a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting\"></a>
Hello YaÂ’ll

Well here is a little history about myself.

Oobla, CheesyPoofs, JackDeth

A.K.A. Rob Nelson
Age: 40
Location: Fremont California

Profesion: Group Leader, My focus is in teaching people the Toyota Production System.

How did I start Playing WOW: I took Jettarus fishing in real life and he told me about it. So I went to his house and he showed it to me. I liked it so I went out and bought it. That was about $6000.00 ago.. When I like something I go all out.

RL Friends: Jettarus & Windgust.

Pets: Killer Poodle Named Quincy, African Grey named Stoney, Two African Tortioses named Speedy & Shelby.

What do I do when I am not Playing WOW: I am a die hard Bass Fisherman, I ride a Honda CR 250 Dirt Bike, I play Guitar & I have turned my garage into a Recording Studio. It is a mess right now, I need a barn in my back yard for all my toys. I also Play Pait Ball

Favorite beverage: Since I gave up Drinking 14 years ago, I would have to say Red Bull.

Resemblance to a famous Person: Most people say Ted Nugent.

Passion in life: Right now Fishing.

Favorite Video Game: I do not play video games but I did like Metal Gear.

Geeking Out: NONE but I do record MusicÂ…

NoN Geeky Trait: Hunting, Fishing, Football, Music. Making fun of Geeks (just kidding)
Street Smarts (can\'t be learned in any School)

Oldest Characteristic: I hate Cheese & the Green Bay Packers

Quote: People should never get what they are to lazy to work for!!!!

Something I hate: People who say when you get older you need to slow down and act your age.


Backpacking in Yosemite
<img src=\"\">

Me giving My Friend Fishing Lessons (I\'m the guy in the chair)
<img src=\"\">

Me and the Wify: She does not like WoW :-((
<img src=\"\">
<i>Rajaxx, remember when I said I\'d kill you last? I lied</i>

Riddick. In particular, the second movie. Chronicles of Riddick, although, it may have been in the little animated mini movie between one and two.
Roxy it\'s actually from a song, atleast thats where I know it from.
A.K.A.: Jody
Age: 25
Located: St. Charles, MO
Profession: Transportation Security Officer (take off your shoes!), Mommy
How did you start playing WOW: My RL best friend kept talking about it. I told her I had no interest in playing a graphical game. She tricked me into playing at her house. I bought the last copy in stock at Target.
RL Friends: Ogravin, Grimwire, the old Iskandariya, Loraveris
When I am not playing WOW... watching movies, sleeping, taking care of little sleeper
Favorite beverage: Whatever\'s wet (I tend to drink a lot of milk...)
Resemblance to a famous person: When I weighed a lot less, people said I look like Cristina Ricci
Passion in life: Being a good mom!
Favorite Nintendo game: Mario Party
Geeking out: I love movies. I have over 200 DVD\'s. The majority of those movies... came out in the 80\'s.
Non Geeky trait: Um. I have hair.
Oddest characteristic: I absolutely abhor feet.
Quote: \"I think I used to be someone with smaller hips in a past life -- I keep knocking things over with mine.\" -- me
Wolfspider (Druid) Snowflaik (Mage) BountyOnYou (Hunter) and some of you know me by my lvl 60 rogue name - Corsina (unguilded LittleWitch (Warlock), Keahna (Paladin) and Fixerupper (Priest))
Mystic Cartel toons - ColdEthyl (Warlock) and Keanara (Shaman)

A.K.A.: Gin

Age: 37

Located: Lothian, MD

Profession: Automotive Area (the rest is a secret)

How did you start playing WOW: I had a friend that played Diablo2 and he left to play WoW and he talked me into trying it and I haven\'t stopped since.

RL Friends: I have several, but none play WoW (as far as I know Wink

Pets: 4 Cats - Bear, Gunny, Puddles and Nippers (last 2 are brothers and nephews of Gunny - who we had his brother, Sarge, who got picked up by the animal control by mistake. Gunny and Sarge were named for R. Lee Ermey hehe)

When I am not playing WOW... I\'m with my son or my fiance or both.

Favorite beverage: Anything cold during the summer and anything hot during the winter.

Resemblance to a famous person: None as far as I know, thank goodness.

Passion in life: Just being happy for a change!

Favorite Nintendo game: First 3 Legend of Zelda games for NES and SNES - which is why I went out of my way to get Linken\'s Boomerang for my lvl 60 when she was younger. I\'ll probably get it for all my toons eventually. Smile

Geeking out: Star Trek - gotta be Star Trek. With some SG-1 thrown in for variety.

Non Geeky trait: Not sure this applies very much.

Oddest characteristic: I hate to shop and I\'m female. Does that make sense?

Addiction before WOW: Diablo 2 and before that Quake 1 Team Fortress.

Quote: Changes from time to time, depending on what neat things I hear, but if all else fails I always liked \"Hello... My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to Die!\" That whole movie is filled with wonderful quotes!! Smile Mawwaige....

My pic is on the Frappr Map - dunno how to add stuff here.
<b>Darias</b>, Leathergimp, Fabriccio, Herbena, Misc
<b>A.K.A.</b>: Anthony
<b>Age</b>: 31
<b>Located</b>: Columbus, OH
<b>Profession</b>: Master <a href=\"\">Code monkey</a> in <a href=\"\">antiquated toy development environment</a>, Dad, <a href=\"\">Student</a> (August 30th), Master of Universe (as long as you define my universe as the upstairs bathroom at my house)
<b>How did you start playing WOW</b>: A friend of mine is a Blizzard fanboy, and always wanted me to get into regular old Warcraft. Having started out on Starcraft, I could never get into it. I never started on WCII when it came out, but by the time WoW Beta was going on, my friend was like, \"J00 must play this!\" No, no, no, I do NOT play MMOs. Well, I broke down and 2-days after release, I bought it. Been playing since Dec. 9, 2004.
<b>RL Friends</b>: Shikaro, Pennicillin
<b>Pets</b>: Do my kids count?
<b>When I am not playing WOW...</b> I\'m sleeping or doing stuff with the family (happyhappytime with wife > WoW by far). Maybe a <a href=\"\">cooking show</a> or on occassion <a href=\"\">something else on TV</a>.
<b>Favorite beverage</b>: Mt. Dew. Pop open a vein...yellow-green citrus-flavored fluid will pour out. On any night I\'m raiding though, Full Throttle is my drink of choice.
<b>Resemblance to a famous person</b>: Well, according to <a href=\"\">MyHeritage</a> (and using my Frappr pic), I look like (in order) Alfonso VIII of Spain (????), Ellen Degeneres (roflcopters!), Ingrid Bergman, Charles Gounod, H. David Politzer, and finally...<a href=\"\">Zhang_Ziyi</a>. However, when I used to have my hair slicked back and wore only a goatee, a russian lady who works here always used say, \"Anthony, you know, you look like famous Russian. You look like Lenin.\" /shakeshead
<b>Passion in life</b>: I must create. I must create something. I have no capentry skills, no carving skills (except for on a turkey or a chicken), and no painting skills. I write. I code. I dream.
<b>Favorite Nintendo game</b>: Never owned one (was more of a Sega fan), but I could play Ninja Gaiden for hours.
<b>Geeking out</b>: Do I still need to cover this part? I think the above takes care of that (including the fact I barely can go two sentances without a hyperlink).
<b>Non Geeky trait</b>: I bake artesian bread. For a short time I ran a bread making business out of my house and sold bread to fellow employees.
<b>Oddest characteristic</b>: I contradict myself...a lot. However, I will do my best to appologize for it as soon as I realize I\'ve done it.
<b>Addiction before WOW</b>: Hadn\'t had one in awhile. That\'s why I started playing WoW.
<b>Quote</b>: \"I\'m a god. I\'m not The God. Just a god.\"
Just wanted to mention that in respect for everyone\'s privacy, I have marked this post as readable only by logged-in guild members. I imagine that some of us don\'t have a problem revealing RL information to our guildies but would prefer that Google and other <a href=\"\">web spiders</a> not disseminate it across the rest of the internet for their coworkers/business clients/etc. to see.

That said: Veranne, since you started this thread, please let me know if you disagree with this and I\'ll change it back. Smile

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