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HTML Tags and Forum Wizardry
I am a noob (and only a noob) in the correct method to add a picture to the Scrawling Board. Can someone please post the syntax (in laymen\'s terms) of how to add a picture? I have come across some funny pics/comics that I might like to share to lighten up the workday.

Thanx in advance!
Argert (or Argent or Aggie or Argie or some other mispell/misuse...)

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Agreed. Also, instructions on how to post a link as well. I know, I know - there is a \"link\" button, but every time I try it doesn\'t work. And instructinos in English would be appreciated. lol

In my own \"scrawling board noob\" defense, I did figure out how to \"make item\" all by myself! See watch - <item>Prairie Dog Whistle</item>

<img src=\"\">

First one is for images second one is for links
Thank you, Pojo. This is helpful. OK so let\'s see if I can do it:

<a href=\"\">Test Link to Thottbot</a>

<div style=\"text-align: center;\"></div>and for the pic

<img src=\"C:\\Documents and Settings\\jkehrer\\My Documents\\My Pictures\\test.jpg\">

Maybe we should make the instructions a sticky for other \"scrawling board noobs\" in the future?
I am definitely showing the noobness here, but the image is on the hard drive... Do I need to specify a drive path? C:/MyPictures/image?

URL = something something location?

Darias is probably cracking up right now ;-)
Argert - yep the file path is what I used in the URL part. I\'m wondering that, if I delete the pic from my hard drive if the pic will no longer show up on the scrawling board. Or if by embedding it, it saves it to the webpage permanently.

Can anyone answer that one?
You can\'t link pictures directly from your harddrive. That text pojo mentioned is simply a reference to where a file is. That reference needs to be to a location on the interent some where, not your personal PC. If you want to upload a picture use the Photo Gallery, once you do that you are then able to link it from else where.

For example:
<img src=\"\">

I right clicked on the image in the photo gallery and copied the location. Then inserted it as the URL in pojo\'s statement.
Roxy, when you embed a picture that references to your hard drive, you can see it when you\'re on your computer, but no one who\'s on your physical computer (and has access to <i>your</i> computer\'s hard drive) can see it. It\'ll show up as a broken link.

The correct (but admittedly annoying) way to do it is to upload the pic to a server, for instance our website\'s <a href=\"\">Photo Album</a>; then find the picture in the album, right-click on it and select \"Copy Image Location\" from the pop-up menu. This pastes the universally-accessible URL of the image onto your clipboard, which you can paste in between the quotes in that &lt;img src=\"\"&gt; tag.
ooooooooooh - OK, how about this. . .

<img src=\"\">

Did that work?
Shaka! When the waaaaalls fell...
(yes it worked!)
<div style=\"text-align: center;\">YAY! I am officially no longer a \"scrawling board noob\"!!!!</div>

<div style=\"text-align: center;\">WOOT!!!</div>

<i>(sorry trying out center align and italics as well - lol)</i>
Nice work, Roxy Smile

Now you can even get real fancy if you want by <i>combining</i> the &lt;img&gt; tag with the &lt;a&gt; tag, by surrounding the former with the latter. So for instance...

&lt;a href=\"\"&gt;&lt;img src=\"\"&gt;&lt;/a&gt;

It looks like a mouthful, and it sorta is (which is why Karin has it on his list to make it easier for us, I think), but you end up with this:

<a href=\"\">
<img src=\"\">

So now you\'ve turned the image itself into a link that takes you to the photo album detail page for the image.
Please sticky this thread, Karin. As a computer noob, I need to try these tips. /sigh -- always so much to learn. Hehe.
<div style=\"text-align: center;\"></div>Trying Mareyn\'s most recent instructions...<i></i>

<a href=\"\"><img src=\"\"></a>

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