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Legion guild night Idea for Mounts and Pets
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Kosumoth the Hungering (Eye of Azshara 46, 52) is a rare who doesn\'t drop anything valuable but is required for the world quest DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering.

You\'re probably looking for the mount Fathom Dweller or the pet Hungering Claw.

The reward of DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering is one of those. (assumption rewards swap each ID ?)

To obtain the World Quest you have to meet certain critea:

Speak to Drak\'thul, he\'s located at the Broken Shore around 37, 71
Find Weathered Relic which is located at the Broken Shore at the cave around 57, 52
in order to enter the cave you probably have to die first and enter the cave as a ghost.
At the end of the cave you will find a tiny little pile which you have to loot.
Go back to Drak\'thul (Broken Shore 37, 71) and speak with him again.
(Note: You\'ll have to speak with him several times)

Activate the Orbs in this order:

Fly to Azurewing Repose (Azsuna) and go to 37.96, 37.41
Cave Entrance Orb#1
Fly to Lorna\'s Watch for Alliance (Stormheim) / Crimson Thicket for Horde (Suramar) and go to 32.92, 75.90
Cave Entrance Orb#2
Fly to Lorlathil (Val\'sharah) and go to 41.51, 81.18
Cave Entrance Orb#3
Fly to Dalaran and glide down to the Broken Shore (Broken Shore) at 29.16, 78.57 and dive until you will see the underwater cave entrance
Cave Entrance Orb#4
Fly to Felblaze Ingress (Azsuna) and go to 59,37, 13.13
Cave Entrance Orb#5 Orb is litte bit hidden: Location of Orb#5
Fly to Shield\'s Rest (Stormheim) and swim north until you see this:
Fly to Skyhorn (Highmountain) and go to 55.84, 38.47 (you need to jump down a bit)
Cave Entrance Orb#7
Fly to Azurewing Repost (Azsuna) and go to 54.02, 26.18
Cave Entrance Orb#8 Orb is a bit hidden: Location of Orb#8
Fly to Eye of Azhara (Eye of Azshara) and go to 79.52, 89.31 and swim down to the sunken ship
Cave Entrance Orb#9
Go back to Drak\'thul (Broken Shore 37, 71) next to him is the last orb
Cave Entrance Orb#10

Last Step

Go to Kosumoth (Eye of Azshara 46, 52) and now you should see the World Quest Kosumoth
Slay him
i confirmed this today.

You can get the attunement at 110 by following the guide. it appears to be possible to complete the attunement at any level 98 and beyond. buy some gliders and set your hearth stone to Dalaran. after each orb you can use it or the Dalaran stone to escape the death trap at multiple attunement orbs.

you can not get the rewards until you have unlocked the world quests from your order hall.
i got my world quests unlocked. this raid week lock out the reward is the pet.

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