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Grove Warden Mount
If you haven\'t earned your Moose Mount, (#Freemooseruns) provides information on how to get an invite with his guild FOR FREE. You must be level 100 and you must have patience. They use the in-game group finder, and after clicking \"Pre-made Groups\" and \"Custom\" you wait until he provides a name to type into the search bar to join a group. After you click on that group name, you must type in another note to join. (The group name and special note change each time). I probably attempted 15+ times, and finally typed in quickly enough to join. They take 15 members at a time and they are leveled sufficiently to take down without that much help from the rest of us. And the mount is fabulous! Make sure to get yours before August 30th! Good luck!
tempy and i got our mounts this way too from the same team. they did 25 runs giving 15 mounts a run. it took 5 hours but every one that subscribed and start on twitch channel got a mount

they are doing this again saturday night and a marathon run sunday.

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