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Broken Shore Questline
The Alliance and Horde both investigate the Broken Shore with their faction leaders. Spoilers within! This is available to all level 98+ players except for Demon Hunters. It can only be completed once per character.

This quest series will still be available after the pre launch event is completed; you can complete it in Legion. Completion of this quest series is needed to access the Nethershard vendors.
Secret Vendors
The following NPCs are only accessible before the Broken Shore event is completed. You must be level 98+ and on the Broken Shore questline, before boarding the boat in Battle for the Broken Shore to see these NPCs. As Demon Hunters cannot complete the Broken Shore, they can never see these NPCs.


Fo\'rum the Postmaker by the Draonsh\'ar Blockade sells Angry Post, Happy Post. and Thoughtful Post for 10 each.
Ravika by Bladefury\'s Dock sells highly sought-after items from Patch 5.3: the cosmetic item Griftah\'s Authentic Troll Shoes and toys Whole-Body Shrinka\', Sen\'jin Spirit Drum, and Xan\'tish\'s Flute.


Lenny \"Fingers\" McCoy at Stormwind Harbor sells Lucky Shirt and the flavor items Old Lucky Coin, Lucky Rat\'s Tooth, and Lucky Charm

There is a fourth hidden item requiring Stage 6, 7, or 8 of the Broken Shore for Alliance: Alaina\'s Bonnet

Pick up Charred Locket from the Ashes of a Fallen Crusader, located on an altar.
Complete the Broken Shore scenario and The Battle for Broken Shore.
Head to Eastvale Logging Camp and give the locket to Alaina Hearthsong inside a house at 85.5, 69.7.
Briefly leave and return to the house, and on the 2nd floor you can loot the Bonnet.
An Alliance character is required to loot the bonnet, but Horde can transmog into it once acquired.

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