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A Hopeful Outlook
I\'ve been playing for nearly 11.5 years and am approaching 10 years in the guild, with the last nine being guild leader. I have made this post a few times before, about the \"meh\" we\'re all feeling towards the end of an expansion. However, I\'ve never been so ambivalent about the game as I am right now.

This expac has been really hard on the community both the overarching WoW community, but also to Sleeper Cartel itself. LFG, LFR, garrisons, shipyards, have all turned this into a solo game lately which happens to have a built-in chat channel. There are more Sleeper Cartel \"lifers\" taking a break from WoW these days than are actively playing I think. Most of you that I see in game are newer people, and I think we\'re doing a disservice to you.

I used to love guild nights. But we\'ve run out of ideas. Most everyone shows up late (self included!), piddles about for a few, and if no one shows up, logs off. We\'ve turned into teenagers in a small town with nothing to do in the middle of summer. \"Hey we could...\"...\"Nah, we did that two weeks ago.\" \"What about...\"...\"We did that last month. Twice!\" We\'re all tapped for ideas.

The rest of the week, unless you\'ve got a raid group you\'re regularly with, most of us are guilty of logging on, flipping through our garrison roster, doing the garrison dailies, maybe doing a Tanaan daily or six, and if we don\'t have alts, logging for the night. MAYBE you\'ll do a dungeon, but it\'s not terribly common, and that need for someone to craft something isn\'t even there.

What I\'m saying here is that I ask you to forgive my absence lately. If it wasn\'t for this guild, I think the only reason I\'m paying my monthly fee is habit (albeit a decade-long one). I have a responsibility to you guys, and I feel like I\'m falling very, very short of taking care of that.

My hope is that Legion -- and hopefully Soon™ Legion beta -- will bring back a little fire into the game for all of us, most of all me. I miss you guys, I really do, but there just doesn\'t seem to be anything at all in the game to do right now.
I\'ll be on more. You are right, we are doing right by the new folks.
I found \"outside\" again. New and awesome things can happen out there.

Even logging in for stupid amounts of gold each day lost its luster.

I\'ve found solace in concentrating on one small thing at a time - currently bringing up an alt - slowly leveling and crafting. Seems to help.

I hope Blizzard realized how they made the game more single-player centric with Garrisons (even I\'ve gotten in the habit of not dismounting when standing on top of a vendor).

I\'m sure there will be more multi-player themed stuff to do in Legion. Stay tooned.

just remember, \"The Legion Returns August 30th\"

/walks off mumbling
I hear you Darias. I have been on again, off again for this expansion. I was the same with the last expansion too. It seems that the game has become a lot of dailies. I miss my friend but struggle to stay on. I keep dreaming of the good old days of vanilla and burning crusade. I will try harder to get on and get reacquainted with everyone.
Just so you know over the last 3 months or so i have consistently asked to run doable higher content (mythic 5-mans etc) with sleepers. I have not been able to get people outside the raid group to go (Ive run a few as tank even with raid members). They are challenging but very doable for 680+ people (especially with raiders helping). That has made it very hard for me to max the legendary ring out without pugging the 5 mans mythics as tank

Next xpac if sleepers do not return in signficant numbers Im going to start spending more time on other servers looking for a slightly more serious raiding experience with committed team members and committed regular players.

Id like to be able to finish content on normal within a reasonable time frame and not always be a day late and a dollar short near the end of an xpac (which tends to happen alot in this guild)

I wont be leaving SC but I cant see spending as much time on this one server (as i have this last xpac) with people that only play the game 1-2 hours a week. Hopefully Legion will change this.

I already have 3-4 servers with 70+ alts on them (and my free 100 on cenarius) and ive started asking around / friending people on b-net from the 35+ wow group on facebook. Ill miss my pack of 10 100 alts though but that gets old with nobody to run later content with on them.

I did just put up an ad advertising SC there on the wow 35+ group on facebook. Also put up a simliar advertisement on the raider classified fb group. Those might help.


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