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Mythic Dungeons
Id like to run these with guildies if possible. on Telonnar ive pugged most of them as dps so far (only ones i have left to finish are bloodmaul slag mines and grimrail depot). Only fight i had trouble with was the lighnting globe boss in the front of ubrs mythic (id like to try that again though with speed gear on - the one time i ran it i didnt have time to swap gear out). They can drop up to 725 gear so its worth doing. (highest ive seen so far is 710 piece drop in 7 runs or so). I think the gear could help raiders fill out their set(s). Id be willing to tank these as well if you dont mind a few wipes while i learn some of the stratagies. Id like to make this thread a list of those willing to run them. Anyone above 680-685 or so should be good enough to run these (or attempt them etc).

At this point unless I kill kazzak or run heroic HFC some this is the only way i can improve Tels gear (other than getting another piece beyond helm for the 2 piece set tier 18 hfc set bonus). I think it could really help raid progress as well (and improve us enough to maybe try hfc fights 1-2 on heroic etc).
I agree completely with running these to gear up a bit more. This is also the only way luxury can gear up beyond where I\'m at. (aside from a crafted weapon). The normal gear in HFC isn\'t a huge improvement for me so unless I start heroics (which I\'m far from ready for) there is no getting past this hump in my gear. I\'d love to join the list of people interested in going. I\'m sitting at 713 ilvl right now so dps shouldn\'t be too bad it\'s just going to be me re-learning mechanics from these.
I need to run these too. I will see if I can get a second tank geared well enough if tanks are what is needed. Healing - I don\'t want to try it first as a mythic, lol.
I posted this on the facebook sleeper page then copied it here.

Mythic 5 mans?

They are worth doing but are hard to get enough guildies to run. Im thinking we need a set time to do them. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good days to join pugs to do them, but id prefer to have a set guild time later in the week to run them as well (or as Kror/Krytan has suggested on monday nights at 10pm server time. Im leaning towards sunday afternoons as football is over. I think the raid group needs the 710-725 from mythics to kill archimonde on normal hfc before the xpac ends (it certainly will help make it easier). Other sleepers are welcome to try them (they are doable at 680 or so if you know the dungeons and are good on tactics like interrupts etc). Voice helps too to coordinate tactics on some of the nastier bosses and trash. But otherwise they are no where near as tough as the later raid bosses on normal.

Rewards include 300 vp per run (nice for legendary ring upgrades or storing for gear upgrades), chance for legion scaling 100-110 level bind on acct trinkets (i have the str and agil ones on my acct so far) and the real reason to run them - a good but rare chance to get 710-725 drops (im getting a drop like that about every 6 runs or so). If sunday afternoons or monday nights dont work please suggest another time that does. Im sure we can figure out a scheduled time that works. I only plan on running a few at most (1-2 etc) at a time. Ill also post this on the website. I added a guild event for sunday on the guild event calendar ingame and I believe krytan added one for last monday.
feel free to suggest another time that works as well. Im figuring some feedback and discussion may be needed here. We could even make this a guild night event in a few weeks - most people are now about 680+ on their mains so it should be doable with a few raiders helping.
It\'s hit or miss if I am on but I\'ll try to get on if I can. I have, of course Rhodan, ilvl 712 dps, and i have a druid tank at 696 and a shaman healer at 697. Can\'t say I\'m an expert at much beside mashing buttons.
I will probably try to get the other 3 in on Littlebaby. Shadowmoon down.

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