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a couple notes on the timewalker weekly thats up this week
Just a note that the 5x timewalker weekly dungeon quest drops an extra seal for rerolling kazzak or in HFC as well as 500 vp and a normal hfc drop (random). Here is an example of what i do for timewalker gear on my 2nd warrior archonas. I use a few wod pieces with gemslots (cloak, wrist and trinkets etc) but for the rest of his gear i go for the old raid gearsets purchased from dalaran or farmed from ICC with maximum str/crit gems (including BC boots from black temple which are very close to having Wotlk stats due to the stat squish). Due to the scaling and the fact that the gems and enchants are not as affected by the scaling i typically do 37-42 percent of the damage with a build like this (assuming the rest of the party does not gear up to do them). It can turn a chore of running 5 of them into a cakewalk and once you have the set made it will last till the end of the xpac (and be useable for wotlk and bc week quests). <a href=\"\"></a>
<b>a couple thoughts, notes and observations that may be of interest on this topic.</b>

the timewalker version of Pit of Saron by the way is very very hard if you dont do this. The others are not as bad but they will take time etc.

Ive been stockpiling the farmable black temple epic BC gems on trathos and can cut most of them (90 percent etc) if you need that done. These gems are good enough to put in BC-MOP gear as the stats use the same budget now. Let me know what you need cut. I have a ton of most of the gems except the red ones (those get used up faster as they are pure stat int-agil-str etc)

If you send me a ton of wod herbs to trathos i can also make the old shoulder enchants by turning them into the right ink (i need about 90 herbs if i remember right to make the old shoulder inscription). On Khredak, my LW I also try to buy the mat for the leg armor when i can (its typically cheap in the AH).

about 1.2k gold in dalaran at your armor vendor for the old ilevel 251 raid set for ICC, 2-3 hours of farming ICC heroic for weapons and 1-2 hours farming Black temple for the gems and you can get the materials and gear you need to do this and the set will last all year.

We could also group up for this on a guild night (in say groups of three with one armor type each etc). My point is its worth doing and it is fun to do but it does require a bit of grinding (not much though).

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