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A Tale of Two SCs: Santa Claus and Sleeper Cartel
Yesterday, my wife was dropping off some packages at the post office and she was behind a lady who was bringing in a TON of packages. She had a little hand truck with the packages strapped in with bungee cords and as the line moved, she tipped it back inched forward, and settled the cart back down. She\'d definitely done it before.

As my wife is prone to striking up conversations with random strangers, she commented on the lady\'s skill and asked if she was sending things to family for the holidays.
<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\"><i>\"Nope. Care packages for soldiers.\"</i></div>
The lady went on to tell how nowadays most soldiers only get two hot meals a day. In true military fashion, those meals are at strict times a day, and whether you slept in or were out on base on orders doing something, if you\'re late for don\'t eat. Realizing this is the case all too often, this lady puts together packages for the soldiers and sends them off to her husband\'s unit.

We as Sleeper Cartel used to do charities -- particularly at Christmastime -- quite frequently. We haven\'t done one in a long, long time. We happen to have a lot of former military members (and/or their families) as guild members. As there are always entirely too many soldiers, sailors, and airmen no where even close to home, I think this is a good chance for us to do some good IRL.

<h4>Options for Charities</h4><hr>
Now, the one the lady above uses is <a href=\"\">Any Solder</a> because you can literally send it to a specific solder and/or their unit. If it was that we had a guildie who was stationed, I would definitely use this one. However, they do have a <a href=\"\">donation page for generic donations</a>, but they just don\'t take PayPal. If it came down to it, we could shuffle money back and forth from PayPal to my account and I could pay it...but there\'s like a week delay in doing that.

Next option I found elsewhere was <a href=\"\">Soldiers\' Angels</a>. I like this one almost more <a href=\"\">for my own business</a> than even for the guild, but it still has merits. They seem a bit more wide-reaching and have a large variety of services they provide both home (vets perhaps in a VA hospital) as well as abroad.

Of course there is also the <a href=\"\">USO Donation options</a>, <a href=\"\">Operation Gratitude</a>, or even non-care package based things like <a href=\"\">Military Family Voices</a> (grab a tissue for that one).

Last weekend Siddhi, Lux and I were talking about the fact that we should do Secret Santa, but in-game is tough. Armies of alts, garrisons, and ultra-high-level farming ease makes it hard to figure out what to even ASK for much less find for that person who doesn\'t give an idea.

We need to get back to doing stuff IRL. It\'s been entirely too long since we\'ve done that. That\'s what Sleepers really got to be known for, giving back to the game and outside.

Speak up Sleepers. Let us know which you\'d like to do first. <b><u>I\'d like to have the donations to be due in to PayPal no later than next week on the 23rd</u></b>. Tight, I know...but we should have time to gather things up.


After thinking about it, I\'ve decided to go with Operation Gratitude. They offered the most variety of donations (active duty and veterans as well), specifically care packages as part of their organiztion, and they accepted PayPal donations.

Please use the link below to make your donations. They can be of any amount. I\'m extending the deadline for donations to Saturday 12/26 (and will remind anyone who\'s on for GN that evening as well).

Thank you in advance for however much you can contribute to the men and women of our armed forces, here, abroad, past and present.

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I am on board! I am ok with whichever group SC decides on, but I kind of like the Soldier\'s Angels, Angel Baker Team. I imagine those cookies or goodies taste like love. <3 The other organizations are great too, and I agree, we do need to give back IRL. Thanks for taking time to link some suggestions, D.
I\'d like one that sends care packages and will send a donation over!
Great idea! Can I put another couple of suggestions out there? <a href=\"\">Operation Support our Troops</a> is rated 4 stars by <a href=\"\">Charity Navigator</a>. It also sends care packages. Another good one is <a href=\"\">Fisher House</a>. It is also rated 4 stars. As an aside, another very important way people can support our troops is by voting wisely and electing officials who seriously consider the human cost of putting \"boots on the ground\". (I personally despise that term - it dehumanizes the feet that are inside those boots.) I\'ll get you a donation incoming.
Darias, can we get a link to PayPal on here?
paypal info yes please Smile
I\'m ready to send my donation and am fine with whatever the sleepers choose as well ^_^
I asked a friend about what charities he saw when he was deployed.

Him: \"the FRG (Family Readiness Group) was really the only one involved besides random care packages from strangers.\"
Me: \"so random care packages actually happened?\"
Him: \"yup, I don\'t remember any actual charities\"
Me: \"that\'s awesome, I think most folks want to see care packages go out. thanks very much, I\'ll pass that on.\"
Him: \"Basically just contact a post FRG, ask about a unit whose deployed or deploying, then make plans for care packages. Batteries, baby wipes, and snickers are greatly appreciated\"

I am game Smile
Melisande Heart
Up for most anything. If we go cafre packages route, that might be a Nom Fest activity.
Reminder: Last day for donations is TOMORROW night!
Donation by Littlebaby, Malkariss, Calcutta and Tink. Thanks for the opportunity, and Sleeper Cartel rocks! I think the suggestion of a Nom Fest care package event is stellar, Stein!

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