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guild night ideas for tonight
for guild night tonight if there isnt anything scheduled id like to suggest the following.

1) \"penitent\" achievement in firelands take 2 on 25 (need 6) or 10 (need 2). quite a few people need this - we gave it a good try but found out timing via voicechat is critical. If someone has a save right before this that would be great but not required. Firelands goes pretty fast.

2) Help me do the blood infusion quest on queen lanathel for the legendary quest in ICC. I have the instance saved on 25 man heroic right before it. we can also do a quick run up to the lich king for the mount. (since its just 3 fights beyond that). heroic gear from icc is nice for timewalker as well (lots of gem slots)

3) Ultraxion to deathwing run in dragon soul on heroic 25 (I have an instance saved just prior to ultraxion). The end weapons are quite nice for timewalker dungeons.

I have a friend (kror-perenolde ) I might want to summon for number 3. His internet is touch and go this weekend as hes traveling
but he might be able to handle the end fight in dragonsoul

I also posted this on facebook.

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