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2nd acct alts
Ill be moving a couple of my recently reactivated 2nd account alts (Immyria, Schlock, Grumpycat etc) to my returning friend Darksmoke\'s private guild \"The Shadow Company\". It will make it easier to mail him mats and to chat etc and see which alt he is on. I only reactivated the account to pvp some with him using the low level alts and to help him level his new elemental shamans. We might work on getting the other 2-3 members of my pnp gaming group to try wow on this server (one has played before and another played everquest). None of them seem interested in joining a large guild at the moment although I will keep promoting SC (at least for their mains etc).

I told guild management several months ago that the 2nd account alts could be booted anyways as I wasnt using them at the time.

All my 90s/100s on perenolde and my cairne horde and alliance lowbies off my main account will stay in sleeper cartel/mystic cartel. Just thought Id give you all a headsup.


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