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Raid Guide Ive Been reading
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Ive setup the first 3 bosses as a series of raid warning text macros. As we progress further in Ill set up the others as needed. In the past weve only gotten that far.

For the first boss, ranged and/or dps will run the ammunition to the cannons depending on raid composition (how many ranged we have etc).

We may be a bit short this evening. If we end up short handed again, Id suggest running as a group through the apexis zones to gear up alts as a pack (or skipping till next week).
Several people are working on gearing up alts to help us but they may not be there yet gearwise.
Just FYI: Ive been reading in the forums that ideally a Hellfire Citadel normal or heroic raid should have an ideal raid size (roughly) of 2 tanks 4 healers and 9 dps. Scuttlebutt is that the more people you have in hellfire the better. Going with a minimal raid size of 10 or so is going to make the fights much harder (not un-doable mind you but harder with less wiggle-room)

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