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Guild night 09.5.2015
There is an event page for this, but I wanted to make sure others seen it who don\'t travel there.

I propose doing a mount and critter run for guild night.
The purpose is to get people pets they may not have obtained yet or (hopefully) some harder to get mounts.
I will start with two runs for this week to make sure we don\'t go over guild time and see how we do.

Karazhan can be our first stop. It\'s a longer raid so we can judge our time after this.
Mount: Fiery Warhorse\'s Reins off Attumen The Huntsman
Pets: Lil\' Bad Wolf off The Big Bad Wolf (Opera Event), Menagerie Custodian off The Curator, Fiendish Imp off Terestian Illhoof, and Nethersapce Abyssal off Prince Malchezaar.

Tempest Keep can be our second stop:
Mounts: Ashes of Al\'ar off Kael\'thas
Pets: Phoenix Hawk Hatchling off Al\'ar, Pocket Reaver off Void Reaver, and Lesser Voidcaller off High Astromancer Solarian

I\'ll bring along my Alterac Brew-Pup for free drinks while we run to add to the fun.

If we have time after these raids I say we end guild nights in general with a naked dance party in Stormwind or Stromsheild. (can be discussed in vent). This will draw attention to us as a guild and we may be able to recruit a few people. If we do this weekly, people will notice. Please bring out things from your toy box to add to this. :p
I will add this to the calendar
Melisande Heart

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