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WORT needs DPS (and maybe a backup healer)
Wipe on Raid Trash meets on most wednesdays from 8:20 pm server and runs for approx 2 hrs. We are on boss 3 currently in hellfire normal

Due to a shortage of signups next week im postponing the next raid time till 9/2. I figure more people will be on then with flight coming to Draenor on the 1st (and school having started etc).

Lately weve had a shortage of dps so if anyone would like to join let me know and Ill add you to the invite list.

We are semi-serious laid back group id say so while dps is certainly a factor we mainly just need a few more people. (and we certainly have the first few bosses down on farm and are close on the third) Minimum ilevel should probably be 565-570 (easily doable with missions/tanaan/apexis gear as well as timewalker gear). Also im sure some of us can run with you in tanaan and help people gear up etc.

This sounds right up my alley. I can bring either a shaman healer or my hunter. However, they are not up to Ilvl yet. They just need a little work to get there.
Wednesdays are no bueno at least until the end of October when the farmer\'s markets close. I try to be asleep by 7pm server.
Darias, thats fine I know you are busy with work, but I cant really move the day as I only know of a few people able to raid on other nights. Ive asked several times but only heard a bit of feedback so Im loathe to change it from wednesday (or add a progression night/farm night setup etc). Its hard enough getting the two hours from people on wednesday. It would help if people could post other nights they could game due to schedule etc. Ill do that on the wort page in a few weeks to see if changing the night will help in the long run but its not something i plan on changing soon.

Nycthora when you get to 100 I can help run you gearwise up to 650-660 quickly using tanaan jungle items - then you can farm tanaan/apexis/lfr for the rest etc. Id suggest that you level one of the bodyguard followers for both your mains. They will make farming tanaan much easier. Note: their health will be 50 percent higher in tanaan. If you are leveling and are at 94+ plus i can help you get all the tank followers quickly. Id recommend Illona the paladin bodyguard if you have healing as the shaman and for the hunter id use the dps warrior ogre (cant remember name)

I am available for dps with Rhodan, ilvl ~695. The only thing is I am only available every other week. I also have a shaman healer that is ilvl ~665. Happy to help when I can!
I was able to get Nycthora up to 663 over the weekend. A few more pieces of gear, and he should be able to roll.
As a part of the team feedback wise I\'m available really any day aside from guild nights. Timing wise I prefer 7-8pm server at the earliest so our time in general works fine for me too. I know you mentioned raiding 2 nights a week and I\'ll see how that goes with the baby and schedules but I say it\'s worth a shot to get the group gear for sure.
Ill add Rhodan and Nycthora to the invite list for tonight.
<sigh> I\'m gonna have to pass tomorrow. Next week is looking good though!
we probably will be 2-3 people short again tonight going by the ingame sign up calendar. However Ive added 2-3 more people to the invite list for next week and we can try using the group finder to fill out the remaining slots. Id really like to not have to do that ideally as thats a crap shoot etc.

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