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The sheriff is back in town...during the day no less!
So I\'ve been working at at a terminal server rather than a full PC basically since I\'ve been with this company. Somewhere along the way, on those term servers, they blocked Sleeper because of the horrible strain put on the network by the forum listing.

Last week, I got an actual PC......and isn\'t blocked. Big Grin

I can has guild site again during the day.
yeah but we should still prune or migrate the bulk of old posts to another DB to vastly improve load times.
There are days where I picture you at your desk like one of these guys:

<img src=\"\" width=50%>
<img src=\"\"></img>

Yesterday was all doom and gloom. Today will be better! Skeletor says so himself!
my partner at work and i are called Doom and Gloom. i am the one worried about the end of the world in support and he was never happy.
<img src=\"\"></img>

oh noes!!!
<img src=\"*susw1xsZl9o*hswPNI0cTCtsOXizbfdDitWNexGCjhW3UIsQf7Sh3b7RdfqgrGEydyCniAGUOBv4a/Tinfoilhats.jpg\">
Companies are slowly coming to realize that blocking content actually reduces overall productivity.

Makes sense to me that if I can get a little downtime throughout the day then I\'m more productive.

Its just those outliers that will spend the whole day pressing F5 on an auction or re-watching the same cat video that scares people.

The general population doesn\'t really understand the term \"overall\" and \"average\".

Just last month my company finally opened up access to Youtube when they realized that was where some of the suggested training courses were being hosted. heh.

(Now if I can just stay away from my pet Ruby scripting projects - although useful - and concentrate on defect fixes, I\'d be more productive at work, according to the team.)
I guess just before I started here, they had locked down EVERYTHING that wasn\'t business related. Then, during March madness, people were spending more time finding loopholes around getting to the news and sports websites than working, they just opened it up.

Same here with YouTube. That, I can get to. Netflix, Hulu and Spotify don\'t work, but so many vendors send video links, it\'s all or nothing.

I guess gaming though isn\'t all growed up enough to be even mildly allowed. Sad

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