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Flying for Draenor?
<a href=\"\">Flying will return to World of Warcraft\'s new zones after all</a>

The solution, as it turns out, lies in an achievement. In patch 6.2, along with Tanaan Jungle, Blizzard will be implementing a new meta-achievement called \"Draenor Pathfinder.\" Flying in the Warlords of Draenor zones will not be available until at least one character on your account has earned said achievement. That task is easier said than done — it will require fully exploring every zone in the expansion, collecting 100 treasures, completing several other exploration-based achievements and raising three new reputations being added in Tanaan Jungle to \"revered\" level.
*Sigh* I will be running around on my land mounts and becoming very familiar with those Flightmasters, haha.
You and I both Tink >.> lol
You and I both Tink >.> lol
As far as the treasure part of the meta -

Tanaan Jungle has over 50 Treasures. These do not count towards Draenor Pathfinder. They count towards the separate achievement Jungle Treasure Master which is needed for Rumble in the Jungle

Get your 100 treasures elsewhere!

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