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Getting To Know You! (Emmi Questions)
Hello ladies and gents!

My name is Emmi, if we haven\'t met! And I\'ve been perpetually low-level for a few years now, due to having the attention span of a chipmunk, and being in a constant state of creating new toons.

So I haven\'t raided with anyone. Which means I haven\'t really had a chance to get to know most of you! Those who don\'t come to NomFest, anyway. (COME TO NOMFEST!)

I think waiting around longer to actually get to know my guild is silly!


1. What sort of creature are you,
2. What is your apocalypse strategy,
3. What\'s your favorite board game, and why?

Much love to my guildies! I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR ANSWERS! Smile

Hiya Emmi!
I\'ve seen you ninja online sometimes but I don\'t think we have spoken too much.
You have to answer these questions too :o
Nomfest is on my bucket list being broke in Canada is ruining that plan right now lol

1. I am a sloth. I enjoy, no, I LOVE to sleep. Having children doesn\'t help my sloth ways but they can be trained.. :p
2. I would bunker up in my house most likely, we have the fireproof type doors and are on a higher level apartment so I figure we are \"fairly\" secure. That aside I would likely find a boat if possible the only issue with that is when winter hits here the water freezes over.. so I\'ll have to think on that hahaha
3. I enjoy the game of life. Not for any particular reason but I do think it\'s fun.
I also enjoy monopoly but it depends on who is playing.. it sucks when people hit good luck and get things you need but WILL NOT trade at all.. so it can get boring after that :p
Hi Lux! (Luxury? Do you have a preferred nickname?)

Canada! As a voiceover artist, I have plans to go visit Vancouver someday. As a SoCal girl, I am held at bay by the terror of that much COLD.

I hope to see you at Nomfest some year! Do your kids play WoW, yet? Are they fellow guildies? Smile

The game of life, as in, real life? Or the game where you play a car full of pink and blue little people? ^^

Oh geeze. Okay! Answering them now.

For Lux,

1. I\'m a Faerie!
(Summer / High Court heritage, Summer Court by choice.)
Also a wolf pup alpha, part Pacific Ocean mermaid, and a whole mess of other things.

2. Collect a small wolf pack of reliable, competent, trustworthy people I love, and work together fluidly as the situation and apocalypse type and current predicament desired. And I\'d make up for my lack of survival skills in the group by using my magical charisma diplomacy powers to turn any potentially fatal interaction with other survivors into a mutually beneficial (or at least amiable) encounter.

3. Settlers of Catan. There\'s a fantastic balance of relying on your own strategic set up and actions, but utilizing diplomacy in an inescapably important role. It can be long or short, can be simple for new players or complicated for old ones. And it\'s a new game, with a new strategy, every time you deal out the board.
Monopoly comes in second, for me. I LOVE making deals, and working with other people to achieve VICTORY! Very satisfying. ^_^
1. What sort of creature are you: Tiger. Big, colorful and prone to sleeping a lot, punctuated by short bursts of food-seeking.
2. What is your apocalypse strategy: Redraw the Pattern so that Shadow may continue to amuse me.
3. What\'s your favorite board game, and why: Carcassone. Enough random chance to have a chance of winning, and to make strategies always different, from game to game.
1. Gold Dragon cursed to be in human form. Passionate, Lone Wolf, occasionally very hungry for chinese food or pizza lol. Guilty of a fondness for gold.

2. Find a secure base, stock it to the hilt with food trade goods and weapons and open a trading post after the apocalypse. Only invite trusted friends and family inside. (think Farnhams Freehold by Robert A. Heinlein)

3. Ogre/Gev Designers Edition. the 3 dollar minigame of Ogre was my first wargame at age 13 or so. Played with it occasionally ever since. I bought all of the expansions for the huge designers set kickstarter two years ago. Its a fun fast introduction to wargames.

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