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A party in both Gorgrond and in a cave under the Timeless Isle?
Sounds pretty epic...

<a href=\"\"></a>
so .. .. ..

take 1 warlock and 2 friends. then set up a raid and summon to your hearts delight.

a private and secluded PARTY location. unless bliz has coded to stop it, you could summon in low levels. given you can get to timeless isle long before being 90
And if everyone gets bored of the cave, they all click on the fire and pick-up the party in Gorgrond! Smile

I\'m sure pre-90\'s can get summoned to Timeless isle (as we proved with our last party) - the question is, can they also click on the fire and go to Gorgrond?

I feel a GN test coming on... Smile

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