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Guild Heroic Dungeon Achievement
Soooo...Rudi Mentioned this on GN and I concur - this is something we need to get done! We only need to do Auchindoun and Bloodmaul Slag Mines with a guild group to be able to proudly display our guild tabard / flag in our Garrisons. (Apparently you have to buy it from the guild vendor, but hey.) I am available Wednesday night and I would rather go as dps but I could conceivably give it a go as tank on Howlnwolf - he just got his Silver Proving Grounds but is still very much a rookie
what time Wednesday night?

Vladz Tank/DPS. i can face roll buttons at a decent rate.
I will come on Lux assuming I\'m home in time from work. If I\'m on I\'ll gladly come along though Smile
I will come on Lux assuming I\'m home in time from work. If I\'m on I\'ll gladly come along though Smile
I\'m thinking 7-ish server? But, as you know, I\'m Gumby.
Just got my silver healing on Rhodanthei but unless we wanna die...a lot... Actually, he is 651, my dps is 657 and Howlnwolf (tank) is 636. If we get a good group setup it shouldn\'t take us too long to do those two, right?
7 pm server is 9 pm est. I\'ll see if i can pull asha in to heal

vladz - tank/dps
asha - heals
rhodan - dps
Lux - dps
Rudi - Tank/dps

rudi and i will cover what is needed

well i read the first post as Rudi is coming, if not we will need a 5th
Yeah, not sure if Rudi is coming or if he knows. It was just his comment during GN that sparked the idea. I\'m sure he\'d be in if he is on.
well we need a 5th to sign up assuming we are minus 1 rudi
i sent Rudi a text message, i\'ll up date after he responds or he\'ll just log on and post him self.
Sorry I was unable to make it this evening. I know it\'s around the time I said I\'ll maybe be on and I\'m glad I remembered to come here.
I started a new job with fairly long boring hours so getting my sleep back on track is a bit rough with a baby waking me up at night too.
Tonight I\'m drained and off to bed as of now. I was also going to run LFR tonight with Sid and had to bow out of that too Sad This weekend I will for sure be on if others are still wanting to do this. I can keep myself awake with coffee on Friday lol and don\'t work weekends (yay me) so I shall see you all then Smile sorry again but I\'m a tired cranky warlock right now.
No worries. Only one more for the guild to do now - Bloodmaul Slag Mines. I\'m working this weekend so I\'l leave it in y\'all\'s hand to git \'er done

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