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A long time ago, on a server blade far, far away...
...a few people gathered together formed a new guild.

They had previously gone by the name \"Shadow Conspiracy\", but had reinvented themselves a bit under a new name. That name...was \"Sleeper Cartel\".

<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\"><b>March 3, 2005</b>
<i>The guild has been created! The tabard is the same as what <a href=\\\"index.php?Profile=36\\\">Shadowknife</a> designed, if you currently don\'t have a tabard, let me know and I\'ll mail you one.

Also, log into the website with the username and password that was mailed to you and update your profile for our online roster. Check out our <a href=\\\"index.php?Page=10\\\">upcoming events</a> and read about <a href=\\\"index.php?Page=11\\\">how the bank works</a> too while you\'re at it Smile

<b>IMPORTANT:</B> Please tell me or an officer what level your professions are, as these will be placed in the guild info screen. This way we can see who does what.</i></div>
And with that, history was made on a backwoods server called \"Perenolde\".

In the years since, the guild has had some amazing triumphs, some frightening setbacks, gained some time-lasting friends, and saw others fade away. There are casual guilds out there in WoW in abundance. There are role playing guilds. There are guilds who raid. Sleeper Cartel is a different breed, and it was so from the start.

Where ever Karin -- Kerry Cupit -- is he did a good thing back in those early days of 2005. Sleeper Cartel wasn\'t solely his idea, but rather what everyone wanted it to become. That foundation has helped us stand the test of time, and so here, 10 years later, we\'re still a strong guild, with firm values, and are ready to take on whatever challenges are too come.

It has been my personal honor for the last 8 years to have been guild leader. After I took on the mantle of leadership, I jokingly started using mafia terminology for our ranks, and \"Family\" came to be the name of the general membership. Some of you are as close to me in real life as my dearest friends and family are outside of the game. We have shared in births of children, deaths of loved ones, career changes (for the better and for the worse), and many, many other trials of our lives. We\'ve had laughs, we\'ve had complete and outright screaming matches, and we\'ve shared the emptiness when some of those near to us have moved on.

If that doesn\'t sound like a real Family, then I don\'t know what does.

So, thank you for being for however how long you\'ve been here. If you\'ve been here for barely a few weeks, you\'ve got a great bunch of people to get to know. If you\'ve been here for several months, you know what we\'re about by now for sure (be sure to help the new people out). And if you\'ve been here for years.....thank you. We could not have done it without you.

Let\'s see if we can refer back to this post in another 10 years from now in WoW patch 13.4.
A little bit more history: I\'ve looked just now through the earliest posts on this forum and what do you think the first things discussed were?

<ul><li>After settling on a tabard, they decided to get together and help each other with their crafting skills.
<li>After that, Rashnack posted about the new idea for the guild:<ul><li>We have decided we should have a guild day where everyone tries to get on once a week. We were thinkning saturday or sunday but we\'re not sure at what time, post with suggestions.</li></ul><li>He then also came up with another novel idea:<ul><li>The last one would be a 50-50 raffle. everyone would buy a ticket (donate a set amopunt of silver) and then do a random roll. The winner would get half the pot and the guild would get the other half. If the pot got over a certain amount there could be an item also given to the winner to make it more tempting. People can buy more than one ticket.</li></ul><li>Then there was this gem from the news on 3/8/05:<ul><li><span id=\\\"race1\\\"></span>I\\\'m planning a footrace between two locations in WoW (Kharanos and Loch Modan for example) that will give out prizes to the fastest runners. The idea is that anyone can participate of any level, plus get our guild name out there (and recruit more members).

<b>1st place:</b> 1 Runecloth bag (14 slot) + Minor Speed Enchant (Boots)
<b>2nd place:</b> 2 Mageweave bags (12 slot)
<b>3rd place:</b> 1 Mageweave bag (12 slot)
<b>4th place:</b> 5 Swiftness potions
<b>5th place:</b> 20 Deviate fish

People placing 6-10 will get 25s each.

Good samaritan award: 1g
Bad samaritan award: The coveted \\\"Gnawed Bone\\\" of shame

1) Race is open to Alliance characters level 1-39.
2) All travel must be on foot. Griffons, boats, etc will be monitored.
3) Druids must be lvl 29 or lower (due to Travel Form at lvl 30)
4) Hunters must be lvl 19 or lower (due to Aspect of the Cheetah at lvl 20)
5) Selecting other participants and setting them to \\\"follow\\\" is not allowed. If you notice someone has you set to \\\"follow\\\" (try strafing from side to side), message me immediately.

At the beginning of the race I\\\'ll hand out drinks, food and yellow shirts that participants can wear if they wish as part of their check-in package.

I can supply the prizes and materials, but I\\\'ll need a few members to help run the event. I need:
<ul style=\\\"margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px;\\\">
<li>1 or more photographers to take screenshots</li>
<li>1 low-level tailor to make shirts on demand</li>
<li>2 race officials to monitor flight masters</li>
<li>Volunteers to hang out, advertise, watch the finish line, etc</li></ul>
So what do you think? I\\\'m still wondering about what prizes I should be offering and I definately need ideas for racing routes. I\\\'m looking at Kharanos to the inn in Loch Modan, however there\\\'re few mobs to get in the way (no danger to it). Maybe IF to Menethil? Use the <a href=\\\"index.php?Page=5\\\">Scrawling Board</a>!</li></ul></ul>
So, this weekend\'s \"guild day\", we\'re going to do all of the below.

We\'re going to gather at Loch Modan as a guild -- as many people as we can muster -- and have a foot race. Oh the terrible dangers we\'ll encouter by trying to reach the gates of Stormwind by way of Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes.......naked of course.

We will also conduct a 50/50 drawing to help bolster the guild funds. (I really do miss those guild perks!)

And finally, we\'ll all hop aboard our favorite gryphon and paint IF bread. That\'s it, I mean BREAD. We did it last week and it was fun, but if ANYONE has any feasts laying around, we\'re going to burn them off in Ironforge. Let\'s paint a great big \"SC 10\" in front of the IF bank to celebrate!
I\'m completely giddy about this!
I have to go make feasts now.
*lets out loud dolphin call*
Sounds great!
This sounds awesome.
Every Spread The Word Around So People Who Might Not Read The Scrawl Will Know.

Also,.Why Does My Phone Browser Capitalize Every Word?
Saturday night is not usually a good one for me to be in game but I will do my best to make it happen this Saturday. What is this bread and what do I need to make it?
Actually brought a tear to the eye! So many memories!!
Put a whole bunch of feasts into the Christmas tab for us on GN.
I have more to add if needed but my computer went POOF as I was adding them. :p
I wish I could make it but we are having my son\'s 10th birthday party that day. Have fun everyone.

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