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A new Sleeper Cartel Contest
Its coming.

Patch 6.1 on Tuesday February 24th, 2015.

The biggest change to Azeroth and all its time lines is about to come crashing into your screen.

A new dungeon? No.

A new raid? Nah.

A new zone to explore? Negative ghost rider.



Yes, you can now take a picture of your duck face, your \"bae caught me sleeping\" fake picture, or even get a shot of a crime going down in the background while you take a horribly self centered photo of yourself commenting about it!

About to slay Hogger? Selfie!

<img src=\"\" width=80%></img>

About to pwn some Alliance? Selfie!

<img src=\"\"></img>

Headed out for a night on the town with the enemy? Double Selfie!

<img src=\"\"></img>

Here is how you do it! (The following text is borrowed from this WoW Insider article)

\"The camera is a reward from a new, rare level 100 garrison mission called Field Photography -- a four hour mission that requires no special traits to complete. Simply get the mission to show up on your list and the camera is pretty much yours.

The interface for the camera is really easy to use -- simply click the item to use it, and your camera will automatically turn around to face you. You can swivel the angle to whatever you feel is most pleasing, and press 1 to snap a photo. No need to alt-z the frame out of the picture first, the camera automatically does it for you, snapping the screenshot and putting it in your screenshots folder. As the camera faces your character, they\'ll make a host of suitably emotive faces, so you don\'t have to worry about smiling for the camera.

The cool part about this, however, is that you aren\'t done with the camera or your missions just yet. A followup rare mission called Lens Some Hands will reward you with the S.E.L.F.I.E. Lens Upgrade Kit. Use this on your camera and you\'ll upgrade to the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera MkII, which can be added to your Toy Box and used by any of your characters. There are three unique filters added with the Lens Upgrade Kit -- a Sketch Filter, a Black and White Filter, and a mysterious Death Filter.\"

So what was that you said about a contest?

Sleeper Cartel is going to have bi-weekly contests to crown the best S.E.L.F.I.E.s that are posted to the Scrawling Board. A post will be made that opens the competition for that pair of weeks and a time limit to post your picture will be set. Each contest will have a different theme associated with it, such as a Hunter only contest, a PVP contest, or tie in with an in game holiday.

Judging will be done by a panel of folks that can probably be bribed, and then the prizes will be mailed to you in game. Your picture will be judged fairly on theme, quality of focus, background, and overall appeal.

As this week will be our first contest we have some great prizes to award. Our theme for the first contest running from February 24th to March 10th will be \"Your favorite Transmog in your favorite place\".

1st Place - 5,000 gold

2nd Place - 30 slot bag

3rd Place - A rare pet

So once you have your camera figured out post your S.E.L.F.I.E. here by 5pm server time on March 10th and you just might win!
this is great but out of 6-8 alts ive only had one get the mission so far. it doesnt seem to be that common on a day to day basis. It might be a few weeks before all the mains have it etc. i just got the camera on trathos so far
We have another 11 days before the deadline, hopefully everyone that would like to participate gets their camera by then.

That said, I have 5 100\'s and haven\'t seen the mission yet.

My first day on post-patch and I got it.

You live in game, and I\'m barely on lately. Luck of the draw Tel. Luck of the draw.
GN Photo. Kinda sums it up. Darias taking a selfie of the group & Zoot of course low on health.

<img src=\"\"></img>
Notice that the two lowest level toons are at full health.
<img src=\"\"></img>

I love that you captured zoot in all his essence.. lol
<a href=\"\">My submission is here because the link was deleted.</a>
Rudo looks like Frank Zappa with a crew cut.
Before the battle...

<img src=\"\"></img>
Turtles all the way down...

<img src=\"\" width=999></img>
We are extending the contest one more week so that those of you that haven\'t got your camera can get in on the action!
Figures. Day after I get the camera on my main I get the lens on one of my alts making it a toy and accessible on my main. Ah, the universe works in mysterious ways.

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