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I\'m thinking about starting up the /Lick raid team again. Monday nights, 7:00pm server time. I\'m hoping we have peeps that want to raid that haven\'t been able to with the other raid team cuz of schedule conflicts. So I\'m just tossing it out there to see if there\'s enough interest. If interested, head over to the <b>Raid and PvP Groups Board</b>, I\'ll start a proper thread there for discussions and sign ups.
/raises hand

...I\'ll go post in the \"right\" thread.
Ok, we got 3 so lessee we still times PI minus the square root of....)

SEVEN! Need seven more!
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Bah you know I love me some /LICK but Mondays no longer work for me these days just weekends Sad
That plus Lux is the only (raid ready toon) I have and I also love me some serenity already too on Sundays with you all.
Yeah, I ain\'t tryin\' to steal from other raid teams. Just hopin\' that we get enuff peeps that can run on Mondays that aren\'t already in elsewhere.

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