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Let\'s see those UIs!
I have a problem where I\'m constantly tweaking, or completely redoing, my UI. I never feel completely satisfied with what it looks like, or it\'s functionality. Right now, this is the one I\'ve been most satisfied about:
<img src=\"\"></img>

This of course is missing my raid frames (which are normally just above the chat from on the left), My DBM timers, and boss frames. I didn\'t feel like waiting for a dungeon or LFR que just for a screenshot.

Besides that, I\'m always looking for new ideas on how to set up my UI, either in appearance or functionality. So I want to see some of your UIs! I\'ll even take some feed back on how my UI is setup, which would be lovely.
Expect from you Silvanos.
Um, wut? I still use the standard WoW UI.

The only thing I want is a focus bar for my hunter just above my action bar. I\'m having a hard time managing my focus properly cuz it\'s hard to keep track of. The two addons that I downloaded from that are supposed to do this do not work. I\'m gonna have to make my own. (It\'s slowly being worked on).
that\'s pretty awesome looking! *mumbles something about you kids and your fancy UI\'s*
Mine is standard Tongue other than a few needed addons (DBM etc..) nothing special to see. lol
This is a good focus bar that\'s moveable that I tried for awhile. It\'s also a rotation helper (among many other things), though I have a feeling you know your class pretty well Silv. I ended up getting rid of it cause the helper was a bit annoying and didn\'t match the theme of the rest of my UI.
Yeah, I\'m just looking for a simple focus bar. I did try a shot rotation helper, I couldn\'t stand it. I made you want to click the button it suggested every time, even though it wasn\'t always ideal in the given circumstance. It actually lowered my DPS.

I just want a simple focus bar Sad

I have gotten as far as making an add-on that says \"Hello, world\" when you log in. Won\'t be long now before I have my very own addon!
Or you could just download Elvui from and customize everything to your liking. Like taking the focus bar off of the player frame, and moving it to where ever you\'d like. You can also customize the color, shape, size, where the numbers are on the bar(can also be moved to the player frame separately), font size, etc etc etc.

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