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Just a little something I saw today.
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We need to throw more server parties Wink
I second the server parties! Need moar!
Have we had a party since the servers merged?
The last party was on Timeless Isle. It was pretty epic, I must say, but they should happen more. A lot of comments were along the lines of \"Sleepers used to throw parties all the time\" or \"I didn\'t know the guild was still around\". New players don\'t know about us, since we generally don\'t raid or sit around in Trade chat trolling or do anything else that garners attention. PARTY! PARTY!
I am all for a party. Any time. At the VERY least we need to do something big this year on the weekend following March 11th.

It\'s our 10th anniversary as a guild.
Well not much time to organize it then. Something in the old areas of the world like we used to do, with a parade through Stormwind at the end?

We need a place the Alliance and the Horde can both access, and where we haven\'t already held a party... Here are some places that came to mind with a nod to the current expansion and might work for a large gathering:
Blasted Lands - Surwich?
Isle of Quel\'Danas
Blackrock Mountain

Nagrand would be fun. There are all of those floating islands, we can set up events on some of them. Maybe hand out goblin glider kits to peeps to float around on(even if they aren\'t needed there, those are fun to use). The PvP battle for Halaa would definitely happen, and that is always fun. I have taken lvl 1 toons out there and bombed Halaa, there are no level restrictions for the bombing runs.

currently in outland nagrand, I can not use general chat. my self and others can not see the chat even though the client says we joined the channel. I have an open ticket for it but GMs can\'t seem to grasp the concept of broken. They are all hung up on an addon breaking it, with out going in to details, i ruled that out long before opening a ticket. no suggestions they have offered have corrected the issue now after 3 weeks of support.
Burin is a nice dude that has his own guild. He has sent crafted items to our guild to be used. He seems to always have nice things to say about SC.
It seems to me that a party would be great, but the Timeless Isle was great but did not have very many folks, including sleepers. First I would check to see how many people are willing to help out. Its a lot of work if its only a few of us.

I do think we should plan for March and make this one an epic party!!!!! Ten years!!!! I think we should start looking at, what needs to be crafted, give-a-ways, and such. It takes forever to make anything now. I would through in a couple of the purples I get from salvage. Those are BOE. Also, Darias should be looking for a place for the race. I think Nagrand will be awesome!!!! We should also post on face book directing folks back to the scrawl. Though. Throwing a party in just 13 day might be hard.

I would ask all of you, are you willing to work at the party and to work up to the party, as it will take quite a few folks. Maybe the next few guild nights should be about farming for crafting materials.

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