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WoRT is... well it just is.
WoRT (Wipe on Raid Trash) raids weekly on Wednesday nights at 8:20 server time. We shut down at 10:30 server time.

We need some dps.

I KNOW! Did he just say a raid needs DPS? Wha? Is this a joke? Nope!

We have two awesome tanks. We have three awesome healers (A tree, a Pally, and the Shams walk into a bar...). We have 5 awesome dps. But we could really use 6 or 7 awesome dps.

We run normal (the old flex) so we can take 11, 12, or even 13 (blasphemy!) into the raid and still be AWESOME!

You can come raid with us if you wanna be awesome. You don\'t even have to be awesome now, we can teach awesome to you. We can show you how to WIPE on RAID TRASH, because we usually do it every raid.

All we need from you is a 630 ilevel (and that is very much not set in stone!), Ventrillo, a set of headphones (you don\'t have to talk, I don\'t talk much unless I need to expound on the awesomeness of Bacon), and a very good attitude that can handle wiping on raid trash multiple times.

We have the first two bosses on farm and are currently learning how to die awesomely on Texas. Textus. Tectus. Whatever. Brakenspore can go fly a kite, that dude is not awesome.

So if you want to have an awesome time, especially when the beer starts to thin the blood and vent is LOLSHIDMT (laughing out loud so hard I dropped my taco), just show up and poke Belafonte, Helot, or Krv.

It will be awesome.

Cookies. You didn\'t mention that we have cookies. Ya gotta mention the cookies.
While you know I adore those in WoRT I\'ve let Bela know that the timeslot/day is just not doable for me.
However I am part of serenity so my game night is weekends. Considering this, I\'d be able and willing/wanting to help out WoRT and look after the baby Wednesday nights by sacrificing Deyrulie to help out with you all. (He doesn\'t browse the forums much so I told him I\'d let you guys know) He says he has a warlock who is close to the gear now but the warlock is on a different server it\'s just his Warrior who is here in the guild. If that still works for you all I\'ll let him know and tell him to make sure to be ready Wednesday. Smile
I should start working on my mage soon ..
I can fill in with Rhodan (currently ilvl 641) but alas he would only be available on an every other week basis...maybe I can be the lucky 13th?
I could help out as dps with gigglebox if you need. I have 630 ilevel. I already know how to wipe so I wouldn\'t need any training to teach me that.. LOL

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