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Calling All Raiders
I would like to purpose doing a Raid Night. For this we will need volunteers, raiders who would like to give of their time to help out our guildies to see new content while it is still new. We never do new content on Guild night. This is your opportunity to be a part of SC\'s raiding community.

I would like to do a once a month LFR raid for those folks who do not feel comfortable doing and lfr on their own, as we all know how those can go. I have asked for Serenity raiders to help out for tanks heals and dps. That way we have a mix of folks with experience to help those that have none. We will not be doing this on a Saturday night, as that night is dedicated to guild night, nor on Sunday night as that is Serenity\'s raid night.

I would like folks to sign up who have current experience in new content normal. Also, lets see how many sleepers would like to experience raiding, and lfr. If we can get 25, we will come up with a day and time.

I would love to have a Raid night! I have a bad taste for LFR because of past issues, but I love raiding with you guys! Count me in if this comes to fruition!
I\'d be interested in helping out. I don\'t have a problem running lfr in general but itis always more fun with a Sleeper group! I can dps on RHodan or heal on Rhodanthei and maybe soon Howlnwolf will be able to tank (though I\'m not sure I can...)
Suppose it is time to get back in the saddle ...
Im up for it with either nailea (631 beastmaster - i can get it to 635 soon if i get 630-640 rings from heroics and the legendary 1st stage) or telonnar (656 fury) as dps or ranged dps.
If its LFR I could offtank in a pinch as well provided we have a good main tank to tell me what to do and when. My tank set is about 655.


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