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State of the Guild Address 2015
Me too, though I am not as grizzled as Vladz. Big Grin
I use the facebook page a lot. I\'m one of those people who admittedly checks her facebook 5 times an hour lol so I do see the posts there first.
I would say it doesn\'t add or take away due to a lot of members using both. I personally like the page Smile I do like the idea of twitter though, even though I don\'t use my twitter right now, that would be something I could get into if we have a sleeper page.
Having both the Forums & Facebook is great.

I would suggest to follow the example of this post and link important things to Facebook as well to get the info to people faster.

Upcoming special GN activities or the proposed monthly raid are good examples - links right to the sign-ups.
First of all, <a href=\"\">#SleeperCartel is indeed free and open</a> (totally would have been freaked out if it wasn\'t).

This all brings up an interesting topic: What do you all want to get out of the guild website? So, Twitter is something that\'s going to be able to attach to your game account. Nifty. We have a Facebook page that some choose to use more often than they\'d use the Scrawl. Still others would prefer to use the Scrawl because they don\'t have a personal use for Facebook.

Is there anything that the website should do for the guild that it isn\'t already doing? Is there something we should remove / alter on the guild because it\'s not working? Is there something we shouldn\'t change at all because it\'s working oh-so right?
I am facebook person and I should go to rehab for it. I have nothing to add I just wanted to look important and look like I know what I am talking about Smile
I am a fan of the Facebook page fwiw. Darias, I thank you for your pro-activeness and I think your (and the guild leadership in general) constant desire to improve the guild is one of the main reason for its success and longevity. I am guilty as charged with getting in game and going to the grindstone. My excuse is that I really don\'t have a great deal of time to play these days and if business does not get taken care of then I just get father and farther behind. I have also not been getting to guild night very often. (My excuse for that is that Saturday evening is not a good gaming time for me most of the time.) I am not sure how I feel about expanding membership on a large scale - I just think we are a little bit \"special\" and not everyone is. All in all I am happy with the guild and I often wish I had more time to spare to be in Azeroth with you all.

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