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Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know that we are planning to go through siege next Saturday night. If you have not done all the fights, or even if you have and just want to help out fellow guildies , everyone is welcome.
I\'m down Sidd Smile amusing miss Ella is playing nice for me. She\'s actually teething right now.. 2.5 months and teething!! ( s.o.s HELPME! ) so her attitude totally depends on me going.. but most likely I\'ll be there :p
My Mom would microwave bread until it was like rubber, then give it to me to teethe on.

I\'ll try and be there, Sid.
You may need to wait until she is a bit older (it\'s been a while since mine were quite that small) but I used to give my kids frozen peas, a few at at time, when they were teething. They feel good on the gums and they\'re VEGGIES! As long as she won\'t choke on them, you may want to try that.
They make teething rings filled with water that you freeze for babies. I know those feel good for teething young ones, and choking on it isn\'t an issue because it\'s too big to fit all the way in the mouth.

Sid - put the event in the In-Game calendar if it isn\'t already! :-D
Amber teething necklaces works magic! I am unsure if i will be here Saturday night I go to church that night because I don\'t do Sunday church! Have you ever tried to get 4 kids ready in the morning? It\'s not the best Wink

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