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garrison and follower addons (must haves imo)
a couple addons that are must have for garrison followers / altoholics (all of these are on curse and as of today i scanned the files with kaspersky and didnt spot anything)

altoholic - update 6.04 now supports garrisons

bodyguardaway - disables annoying popup chatbox for active bodyguards

bodyguard Health - health bar for followers - nice for healing or knowing when to taunt off suicidal tanking bodyguards.

masterplan - cool addon that auto setups follower teams for missions. Its a slicker interface and also has a list of the high end missions
for the bodyguard away addon i just made two simple macros to shut it on and off and put them on buttons. plenty of room now under the general shared macro tab.

bodyguard on (turns chat box off)

/bga on

bodyguard off (turns chat box on)

/bga off

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