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Raiding with the Horde
Yes, you heard that right. I raided with the Horde last night. With my Alliance toon.
The new change to PvP flagging is just awesome - no way to get accidentally flagged anymore.
I was taking on \"the Pit\" (1k apexis shards daily) to see if I could solo it (for the achievement) and it was do-able but it would take a while as I would have to pick my battles.

When around 25 Horde players descended onto \"the Pit\" I just followed and helped DPS.

I was very polite - not tagging anything - just helping DPS - and only picked-up things that everyone else left behind and was done in 10 minutes.
3 players is suggested but much more fun with lots more.

Would make a fun Guild event if everyone has the same daily (or even one)...I\'m sure the other 1k dailies are just as fun.
The 800 shard dailies are really not that fun, more of a grind.

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