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Road Trip!
Hey everyone! As some of you might know, I am going ot be taking a road trip from New York to Florida in January/February. As I drive, I would love to stop and visit as many wonderful people as I possibly can. That means all of you! If you live vaguely along the East Coast and would like to meet up with me for lunch/dinner/let me crash on your couch for a night, I would love to know! Right now the dates are kinda flexible and will become more solid as I get plans aligned.

Feel free to swing by! I\'d love to hang out!

I\'m in San Diego right off the 8 freeway...just a minor detour for ya.
Oh yeah...and while you\'re de-touring to the west coast, swing by Vancouver, WA. ha! Smile have a fun trip!
Rudi - we (Bantis / Stien / and I are about an hour (maybe 45 minutes west) of I-95 south as you pass Richmond, VA. We\'d love to have you stop by but as you know my schedule is very wonky and at the moment Bantis has the flu...that will hopefully change in Jan / Feb. Let me know more exact dates and I can advise further of couch / guest room availability. Our dog does not bite (much) and once he gets to like you, you can even share the guest room with him!

In return, I am introducing the boys to rock climbing and we might have to come see you when we go up to the Shawangunks sometime...
And when you get to Vancouver, it\'s only an hour and a half north to Tacoma, WA.
I would always invite any sleeper to Maine. Although I do not have a couch for you to sleep on. It is probably the last place people would want to come in the winter time lol.

Have a nice trip Rudi and stay safe Smile
Hey guys. Just made it to Florida. So. Much. Driving. I\'ll let you guys know when I\'m going to be heading back North.

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