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Coming up on a year
Hello Sleepers,

It\'s coming up on a whole year in Sleeper Cartel and I can say I truly enjoy this guild I have gotten to know some of you well and I consider you guys my wow family! Got to give Skittles a shout out for telling me to apply we have know each other since I 1st started playing back in BC. Thank you for accepting me as one of your own may this year be full of blessing to you all!

Much Love

Ruiness <3
Thank you. It has been fun.
Glad to have had you with us and to have become your sleeper family! Big Grin
You fit right in with our crazy antics and personalities! oneofusoneofus
/licks and flies away
See, i told you back then that you would fit in with this crazy crew and have nothing but fun times :-)
You and your hubby are a great fit, we are lucky to have you as part of our SC family Smile

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