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Garrison Invasions
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From the Gold section:

<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">During an invasion, you need to kill as many enemies as possible, all the while completing the on-screen tasks that keep popping up as fast as possible.

Inviting friends to help you is key to getting Gold rating, because it allows you to cover more ground and therefore kill enemies faster and complete the random tasks faster. You can only invite up to 2 friends (they need to right-click their portrait and select View Leader\'s Garrison in order to visit your Garrison), so you need to position yourselves carefully. Typically, you will have one player in the center of the Garrison, one near the main entrance, and one near the secondary entrance (the one that leads to the mine for Alliance players and the one that leads south for Horde players). Everyone should play a DPS spec, because there is no need for tanks and healers.

It is also important to coordinate efficiently, alt-clicking the minimap whenever you feel that you require help to deal with something.

Finally, gear plays a role, because the more DPS you do, the faster you deal with the random tasks and the faster you can go back to killing enemies within your Garrison for extra points.

Good idea for GN would be to have everyone with an available invasion gather two others and go do it.
It appears they are limited to three plaers. We were going to help Tel this past GN.
by using a maxed wingman bodyguard and then using miall for extra dps (by asking her to patrol - she is the only follower with 760k or so health - and gearing her up adds hp lol). Ive been able to get to silver. Gold is kinda hard as the enemies are too spread out and spawn a bit too fast. I tend to lose the tank npcs bodyguard about halfway through as they just taunt too often. Id probably try the healer/dps catguy from the mtn cave next.

Its not critical for me though at this point to get gold (i get enough resources now from lumbermill) but later on for the achievments its probably a must.

This isnt a bad idea for guild night but im thinking we need to wait a few weeks to get people a bit more geared up (and to 100 etc for everyone).

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