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WARNING: Hearthstone Strategy Guide
I just submitted this ticket to Blizzard. Be careful using the <item>Hearthstone Strategy Guide</item>!!!

<code>I had JUST upgraded my Enchanter\'s Study to Level 2, and after research, I found out that there was one and only one follower who had the Enchanting Ability: Ahm. After obtaining him, having no clear idea how the Guide would work, POOF went his Enchanting ability. The tooltip is not clear, and there is no warning. There is also no option to undo it.

There are NO other followers in game who have Enchanting. Now I have a level two study, and no followers to assign to it. I don\'t care about getting another Guide, I just want Ahm\'s enchanting ability back because there is NO replacement for him in-game. </code>
from wow head notes on the item

By thebdc (15,155 – 3·12·61) on 2014/10/05 (Patch 5.4.8)
Gives 35% more experience to the party the follower is in.

You should use this item on a low level, low quality follower. Once followers reaches level 100, they will keep getting experience to become first of rare, and then of epic quality. So, using it on a level 100, epic quality follower would be wasted (unless you put that follower on a mission with other followers).
wow head item linking is broken , attempting to come back to a post with a broken link is timing out.
I shouldn\'t have to read a third party website for an item that\'s used in game. Those sites are for strategies and hints, not the core mechanics of exactly how an item works.

There\'s a reason \"Do you want to replace +30 Multistrike with +30 Haste?\" happens. Same exact reason.
You can still get an enchanter via the Inn. With a level 2 Inn, and only once a week, you can pick a follower with a specific trait or ability and then it will give you 3 options of followers that all have this ability. This includes the professions. So you could potentially get 20 followers all with enchanting if you so desired, though I don\'t recommend that.
Yeah, that\'s the final answer I just got from Blizz this morning.

I guess I just need to suck it up, remove my lumber mill, and get the inn. Grr.

<code>Hi =)

My name is Game Master Thyorrke and I hope this message finds you well.

Players who have a level 2 inn/tavern at their garrison will be able to daily pick a follower with a trait that you find beneficial or desire. So you can absolutely pick up another enchanter or any other profession trait you want. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this

I hope the rest of your day is awesome and if you ever need help with anything, you know where to find us =) We\'ll be here 24/7

Take care! o==[]::::::::::::::::> </code>

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