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Kalli Says Farewell
Dear Sleepers,

I\'ve been given an opportunity to join a Horde raid group on Kil\'jaeden. I reconnected with an old friend and discovered he was playing WoW in a heroic-minded raiding guild. I\'ve realized over time that raiding and heroic content in a brotherly atmosphere is what I really want to do. Taking a number of days to talk to him and his friends I feel that this is the best opportunity for me to realize my goals.

I truly appreciate sleepers taking me in and giving me a home, and all the utter kindness and generosity I experienced over my two years of being here. And after /Lick\'s sad demise, I thank Serenity10 for allowing me to raid lead where I learned many things.

I wish you all the best and encourage Serenity10 to keep on pushing their envelope and keep moving forward.

Good luck.
Take care Kalli!
We shall miss you Kalli! You were amazing to raid with when I got the chance, many thanks Smile
Sorry Kalli, I am a little slow, thanks for your time it was great to have you in the raid and in the guild. Have fun on the horde sideSmile

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