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Two things! I won\'t be temp leaving after all (Yes baby news included)
Oh Lux,

That is exactly what I did, but I had a rocker/swing that I put right by my chair, & once he was out he was snugged in just 2 feet away from me.
I was also one of those lucky Mama\'s, who had a happy baby that pretty well slept, if he wasn\'t eating, lol! Looks like you have a happy baby there too!!!
Lovely baby!! We will have to find her a Sleeper in traing onesie
Melisande Heart
sorry it\'s taken me a bit to reply. My memory is not very good atm. :p

She is a happy baby indeed, I had someone give me a bouncy chair and it works wonders. Gaming with her on my lap is easy but getting anything else done would be hard without it lol and lol Silv so true, I expect to be outplayed in a few years.

Hehehe Mel that would be amazing I\'d have her wear it every Saturday for Guild night even when I cant make it :p
Congratulations! Ella is sooo cute!
Thank you! Big Grin Shes a sweet mini sleeper, she takes after me licking things and enjoying shiny objects, she also occasionally tries eating her own hands without success.. just like me.

Aww congrats!

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