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Two things! I won\'t be temp leaving after all (Yes baby news included)

<img src=\"\"></img>
My evil spawn Ella is here. I told my Sleeper family I would keep them updated and indeed I shall stick to it. So I\'m \"that girl\" posting a baby picture here. lol Hopefully I didn\'t overwhelm you all with cuteness. So far so good, she came on the 14th and not to get into detail but it was a piece of cake birthing experience and I\'m once again mobile and cleaning my house.. I also cleaned my hospital room.. I think I was going of adrenaline because I\'m running on 2 hours sleep in over 24 hours and its not due to my child, the couple next to me had a very cranky baby.. and sleep was not to be had by any.

Second thing. I have to give a special thank you to a sleeper whom shall remain nameless right now unless otherwise told I can say. You know who you are. Not only are you a <b>very</b> kind and active member of the guild towards every last member you have shown a special kindness not only toward my current financial situation but towards my husband also who has only been apart of our sleeper family for a short while. He tried his best to be on and part of us and when we ran into struggles he chose to keep up with my WoW sub over his own. The member who has taken an above and beyond step to have me keep playing did this for him also, hardly knowing him as a member but more so taking into account him just as a person and choosing to also put a permanent smile on his face too. We both have a hard time accepting help let alone gifts and this member wouldn\'t have that they wanted to help and with pride aside speaking on my part I will find a way to pay it forward in due time. I along with deyrulie have been gifted 6 month subs to WoW on top of that WoD to the both of us also. I can\'t express my thanks enough. I know a thank you on here was not needed as I was told BUT I do need to acknowledge the kindness in some other way than through sleep deprived email correspondence tonight. It really speaks volumes about how close this guild is along with our members characters. As a member over the last couple of years I\'ve grown very close to a lot of you as friends and online family, I rave about the guild in online WoW groups I chat in and even when we are not being active as a whole I not once ever considered looking elsewhere and it\'s the amazing people that keep us strong. So before I ramble.. (OOPS) needless to say due to this help I shall now be staying around to lick you all as much as my evil warlock heart desires.
Grats. And Yay. and TYVM to the nameless one. And most importantly really cute little Sleeper.
Grats She is beautiful!!!!!!!!
Wow! That really IS a little pink bundle of joy! Gratz to you both!
Thank you all Smile <3 she is surely a little bundle of love. I\'ll be getting online tonight most likely as she is very well behaved we just had to get used to last night adjustments and me now running on only 4 hours after 2 days makes a groggly Lux, I\'m helping her daddy adjust so ill need to catch up on my Zzz\'s.
It is hard to put her down but I dont want her being dependent on being held ALL the time so I\'ll get my WoW time in Smile

Miss you all! see you soon to come adventure Smile
So cute Big Grin
Grats! She is so beautiful. Enjoy this amazing time. (I know you will!!)
Congrats to you both-- Ella is such a beauty! Thanks for sharing the picture, and thanks to the nameless Sleeper so y\'all can continue to be an active part of the family!
You are evil! That was too sweet! Congratulations on the addition, looking forward to seeing you in game.
1. Ella is BEAUTIFUL!!!
2. Yay! Some people are just amazing, aren\'t they?
3. Oh there\'s more... but I\'ll keep it short, lol!
Thank you all! She is adjusting very well, she gives me sideways glances like shes confused or wondering what on earth is wrong with me.. likely the ladder. I can\'t blame her I am very odd. She is finally letting me sleep too so I have that going for me which is nice. I am in the middle of looking for work so sleep is very much needed now lol.

Also, Yes some people are just plain amazing and kind! Glad to know there are still people out there willing to lend a helping heartfelt hand it was very sweet!
I\'m trying to level Lux up and I\'m guessing by this weekend she will for sure have dinged 100. Although it\'s a slow process for me right now due to baby cuddles I knew it would only take a bit to get my mini sleeper on a proper schedule so I could still play a bit Smile


I had to read that 4 times to figure out what you meant HAHAHA.

Sorry, I\'m not laughin AT you I\'m laughing WITH you Smile

Ladder=a tool used to attain heights not possible otherwise

Latter=being the second mentioned of two (distinguished from former)

I can understand the confusion, they are both pronounced the same, just spelled differently...and when when spelled differently, causes additional confusion(for the reader).
Well..shoot. LMAO

I would sneak off to correct it in this case Silv, but I\'ll leave it be and we can all just laugh at the fact I have these \"moments\" often. I\'ve grown to accept this. :p
Also, I have come up with a master plan on how to game with the little one. She sleeps like a log but loves to cuddle. So I present to you my new gaming buddy.. lay her on my chest and BAM! we are in WoW mode.

<img src=\"\"></img>
When my little brother was about 2 yrs old, he would sit on my lap, just watching me play video games on my TI 99/4A.

Of course, a 2 year old nowadays would show you how to beat the level you are stuck on : /

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