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Ding 100!
Psych! not me, i choose sleep. I am level 90 and not going to be leveling any time soon. Here is the source.

<a href=\"\"></a>

There are a handful of people already roaming around the World of Warcraft at level 100. There are numerous reports from around the EU that the level has been achieved less than 24 hours after the game launched.

Some people were exploiting certain bugs and have had their levels rolled back. Others were behaving normally, but were just grinding things out non-stop. This shouldn\'t come as too too much of a surprise to anyone, given the nature of some player\'s priorities, but still -- it\'s quite a quick turn around.

There are no world or realm first leveling achievements anymore. Those have been removed with patch 6.0.2 entirely. I\'m sure these folks had fun leveling like this; but I\'m going to have a grand ol\' time getting to 100 by the end of the weekend. Slow old man, that\'s me.
I agree with you, Vladz, there is much more fun to be had in just enjoying the experience without the pressure of achieving a level within 24 hours. Calcutta mentioned to me that she heard some people were able to get to 100 pretty quickly just by pet battling. I am really enjoying the expansion so far. And it is AWESOME to see so many Sleepers online, and to see that guild chatter!
Yeah, the dings are great, but it\'s even better to see so many people online. Friday nights even have been pretty sparse for the last few months. To see 20+ people on, random conversations back and forth, grats and so on...does a guild leader\'s heart good. Smile
I agree, its been wonderful to see so many folks back in the game. I think everyone will be busy for quite some time.

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