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Music thread
<a href=\"\"></a>

One of my current favorite songs here. I\'m curious what y\'all are listening to right now. Link a song or two, we all might just discover some awesome music we hadn\'t heard before! A friend just introduced me to Nightmares On Wax, and Pandora got me listening to a bunch of related songs that I\'m really digging(very different from the song I linked).

Anyway, link away!
Well, I\'m listening to it in my head anyway...

Just finished Doctor Who 7th season on Netflix. <a href=\"\">This</a> is running through my head and I don\'t really mind.

Its just barely drowning out the Power Rangers theme song (did I mention the kids like power rangers? Netflix seems to have all 50 series...or so)

The next doctors\' theme is <a href=\"\">awesome</a>...Can\'t wait for Netflix to catch up.
I have enjoyed Nightmares on Wax for many years now.
You know, I love the doctor... (seriously, pick a doctor, any doctor) but when I was in school, they played it at all the football games, and since I had do drills and dance to it at each of those games, it took me YEARS to get it out of my head. Myrli just successfully stuck it back in there... thx Myrli Wink

I\'ll have to dig up some links to the music I\'m listening to lately... (more to come).

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