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We Got Cows!
Finally! We\'re getting cow pets! lol
<a href=\"\">Pygmy Cow</a>

I can\'t wait for the <a href=\"\">new pets</a>! :-D
So much win!
I will take my cow to max level and beat everyone with my cow! You shall all consider yourself beaten in advance.

...unless you have a cow of your own. Please don\'t have a cow. I don\'t wanna get beaten.
Finally, a new cow level!!! I\'ll be running around looking for my \"non-glowing\" cup!!!

um, speaking of \"cow/cow level/holy cow\" ...did you guys play \"Diablo\" on break? How about that crazy psychedelic rainbow & stuffed animal level?!?
What the...whaaaat??? I mean how much does someone drop before their brain decides <b>THAT</b> was the super-fantastic idea they needed to code?
...and then how hard did they laugh when they were done? Wink

Makes me scared of all those stuffed animals I use to sleep with as a child, and I\'ll certainly never again buy anything with a cloud or rainbow on it. Wink

I got bored with D3 very quickly, but my interest just perked Wink
LOL! Oh yes, let me know if you want to hop over there some time... it\'s just so hilarious. But of course, it\'s random... but cray-cray it is!
I\'d love to play D3 with some of you folks! Been occupied with WoW since the xpac (as I imagine many of you have also Smile) but would welcome a couple rifts on the side with guildies. Btag is Hellcarrot#1704 if you don\'t mind some company!
I haven\'t played D3 in some time, and haven\'t bought the xpac yet. I will have it some day, though. I have all the rest, including the infamous Hellfire for the original! Wink

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