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Gearing up new or disused alt for latest content and/or wod
by far the fastest way to gear up a 90 is as follows. (Obviously this isnt required if you just want to wait till wod hits but I thought Id throw this out for returning players to jump right in to siege lfr or ubrs90 etc.)

<b>If its an old non-\"free w/wod boosted 90\"; </b>
Note: If you are a returning player with a half set of say heroic dungeon 458 gear You can finish filling out a 458 set from vendors. All former jp gear (and some 489 vp pieces) are sold for gold now without rep requirements.
Dont spend too much here though as you wont be using most of the 458 gear for long. If you are too squishy ask guildies for help. I can do timeless isle circuits in my sleep now lol.
Regardless of gear status, run timeless isle dailies and farm the shared mini-bosses till you have a full 496 set (and a decent weapon from timeless coin turn ins from the isle vendor).

<b>If you have a free or purchased \"boosted 90 with 489 insta-gear\", skip the timeless isle unless you want to hunt for burdens/535 gear some first (optional)</b>
If you do get burdens use them to make 535s from unopenend timeless chest, legs or helm first, then shoulders and/or feet. Ask for help from guildies - tons of us can help if you hit a snag and need help. See timeless isle notes at bottom of guide.

optional: you might want to run heroic dungeons to get 2nd trinket or buy trinket after doing first series of operation shieldwall quests. (on krasarang beach) Check the dungeon loot lists in the dungeon guide menu or see a list of operation shieldwall gear at the quartermaster (you may have to do a few quests till the fort appears as its phased). This probably isnt required but I did do it on some of my alts.

Now do the wod lead in quest chain at blasted lands for the 3 pieces of 515 (necklace, ring, cloak) and 520 trinket.
the next week or so you can also run headless horseman dungeon for the rings, plate dps helm and agil 1h sword (all 540)

Then run the first wing of Throne of Thunder LFR (last stand of the zandalari). That will get you friendly with shado pan assault. Buy the following gear from the Shado pan assault quartermaster at Niuzao temple (or at thunder isle cave)
note: you dont need to do anything at thunder isle (jaina and co.) as that doesnt reward the right rep. You can also farm for burdens on timeless isle (your choice if you dont have the cash).

Shadow Pan Assault Quartermaster loot (friendly required for most of list. Necklaces can be bought at nuetral)

522 bracers 258 gp
522 ring 332 gp (several to choose from)
buy 2nd if you want but the 515 one from blasted lands is prob ok.
buy 522 trinket for 440 gp
buy 2nd if you want but the 520 one from blasted lands is prob ok.
optional buy 522 cloak for 375 gp (optional: the 515 one is prob ok from blasted lands)
optional buy 522 legs for 493 gp (pricey - prob best to farm burdens for legs, chest and helm) or see if crafted 553 pants/belt are in ah for reasonable price.
optional buy 522 chest for 506 gp (pricey - prob best to farm burdens for chest and helm)
522 gloves 260 gp
522 belt 268 gp (or check ah for crafted 553 belt)
prices are for plate; others may be slightly less.

The only thing you cant buy will be the shoulders which still require exalted.

now you are more than set to run siege LFR and hold your weight gearwise (or run lbrs90 etc)
In one week you can easily do this. I did most of the later steps in two days on khredak (barring the first step which might take a week a few hours a day)
No other rep grinds are required.

The only advantage i had on khredak was the 556 heirloom axe from garrosh which definitely boosted my dps. But a team of two people could easily do this sequence. The tot lfr run i just did was a cakewalk at 520 ilevel. just watch an lfr video for last stand of the zandalari if you have any questions. youtube should have plenty of them. Right now lots of people are running lfr content to try to finish legendary cloak before wod launch makes it impossible.

ill try to repeat this on trathos or volidon this next week and note if anything is different for cloth.

<b>Timeless isle boss notes for returning players. </b>

note: for returning players burdens of eternity can upgrade an unopened piece of timeless isle gear (except trinkets) to 535. Stats are random but who cares they are instant 535 pieces lol. Burdens drop from the isle mini-bosses or the monkey chest cave for 500 coins per try (In my experience over the last year or so you need to buy about 20 keys per burden on average but you get coins from the chests as well so it really works out to about 1/3 less than that.) And of course you can also farm the celestials on timeless isle for a chance at 553 tier pants or gloves or random 550 pvp gear. You dont have to be in a group either (all timeless island bosses are shared).

Ordos (and his 559 drops) are not available to those without a legendary cloak (blizzard thought about dropping the requirement but changed their minds or delayed this change the day of the patch - its not clear which as two? blue responses were given).

Cool, thanks, will give it a go!
I probably wrote in too much lol but I wanted to cover various options. If anyone spots something i missed let me know and ill make edits.

I made a few edits to the first few paragraphs (included note about 458 gear which probably wont apply to most)
Thanks very much Tel.
I wish I\'d seen this earlier! Thanks!
I did write up a guide earlier but it didnt have the thunder raid instance rep change to buy gear at friendly.

I wrote this the last week of siege to help people who really wanted a boa to have a shot etc. I did manage to use the information and get one off flex/normal for freecheddar but just barely.

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