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So we are buying a new house!
I think you\'ll be happy in the Columbus area! We\'re about 90 minutes from the west side of Columbus, and it\'s an easy drive on I70 between there and Dayton. So you can figure on meeting Fraise and I in RL. Beer, BBQ, and a good concert at the Polaris ampitheater, just north of Columbus would be fun!

Sounds exciting and nerve-wracking!
Vice, I totally forgot you lived in the Dayton area. My daughter occasionally has gymnastics meets in Dayton. We\'ll have to meet up for an early dinner or something at the next meet!
We fired are Realtor yesterday as she sent us a house for half a million dollars! Thanks for showing me things i cant have anyways we have a new one today and seems to be a better fit! Peter said that if we find a house we will move out there sooner then later!
The latest Peter received a better job offer here in Kc! So we made a offer on a house and we will know more Monday! A ton of other things going on Isaiah my oldest is about to have some major dental surgery to fix his smile. Which the thought grosses me out and freaks me out.
Next year I am going back to work with the school district as a Para because Albert will go and be a peer for half days and my schedule will follow his and I can still be home with the kids which I feel is so important. My day time hours of wow time will be slim but I will be on still and I will have summers off. I am considering going back and getting my teaching degree and leave my nursing degree alone for the time. Still thinking on the teaching degree I would do better with younger kids and not older ones Smile
prayers sent your way on the offer ruiness Smile
Congrats! I hope it went well! Smile

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